Shadows of Desire

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The story revolves around Taeyeon, the daughter of a mafia boss, and Tiffany, a popular figure. Despite their differing backgrounds, they form a deep bond as they navigate dangers and secrets together. Their relationship faces challenges from external threats, but their love perseveres, illustrating the strength of their connection and the power of love to overcome obstacles.


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maemae08 #1
Chapter 7: This is good. I really want more though 😂
Chapter 7: I hope to read more of your stories!
Thank you again! 😉
Chapter 6: Thank goodness, Tiffany gave them a chance. I thought she would reject Taeyeon... 😅
Even though their worlds are way too different, I'm glad they're taking this chance.
Love that last line. So full of love. ❤️
Thanks again for sharing a nice story! 😉
Mafia boss and Popular Tiffany...🫶
Chapter 5: The activation of the emergency pen seemed like a good action scene! 😎
From Tiffany's curiosity on nerdy Taeyeon to knowing and keeping her secret, to being friends and then to this... ❤️
Chapter 4: I like Taeyeon's confidence and sincerity in saying she'll intervene if needed...
I must say, that particular scene on TV played a big role on that kiss that happened...
It's so spontaneous, so sweet... 😌❤️
Chapter 3: Taeyeon. Mafia Boss. Leather Jacket. 🤯
That stalker winning the lucky fan draw... 😨
Chapter 2: It's nice of them to still have that connection with each other.
And the promise they had with each other... ❤️
Thank goodness for the mafia boss! 😌
Chapter 1: Who would've thought nerdy Taeyeon is a mafia boss' daughter!
And that promise... 👀