Our Little Source of Joy
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Jungkook's POV

After about a thirty-minute turtor section with the guy he still wasn't talking so I decided to leave him and wait till Hyungs came back well at least for Jimin Hyung. I had blood on my fists and little stains on my face so I decided to clean up first, so I made my way to my bedroom to clean up, after washing up it hit me that Tae and Y/n were not in my room anymore,Β 

"Did they go downstairs?" I muttered to myself

Β I made my way to the kitchen, Tae was cleaning a few dishes while Y/n sat at the edge of the center counter playfully dangling her legs, she wasn't facing me so I slowly walked up behind her, I was about to speak when it hit me, If a do this I will scare her which might lead to her falling off the counter, so I backed off and slowly approached her from the front, still she didn't seem to notice me I crouched down in front of her to study her better. I got a better view of her face and I was able to see that she wasn't, well didn't look like she was playing she looked rather worried well bothered I guess.


Y/n's POV

After breakfast with the human, I assumed was Tae, He took me and the dishes to the kitchen, and he set me on the center counter and went on to clean the dishes we used,

The kitchen:

I sat at the edge n the counter.

What are they going to do to me?

I thought Mafias were scary, mean, cruel, and heartless monsters,

Then why are these four being nice to me?

I only met four out of the seven, do the other three already hate me?

What do they see me as? A plaything or a pet?

(what do you mean they said they won't hurt you, so just trust them)*voice in my head*

If I end up trusting them will they break me the the same as I've always been?

should I trust them?

No, I won't I can't let my

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