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Our Little Source of Joy
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Hobi's POV

Jin Hyung had asked me to get some fairy clothes this morning so I left home early.

I walked into the mansion after coming back from the weird shopping trip, I went towards Jin Hyung's room and knocked,

"Come in," I walked in and saw Jin Hyung standing in front of the bathroom as if waiting for someone before I could say anything a cute voice came from the bathroom yelling,

"I'M DONE" A cute voice yelled from the bathroom, Jin opened the bathroom door walked into the bathroom, and came out holding a tiny figure wrapped in something I think was a hand towel in his palm as he carefully placed her on the bed, she looked at me but something seemed off she looked scared like I was going to hurt her

"Ho-seok?" I snapped back to reality when Jin called me

"You already got her clothes, right?"

"Yes, Hyung, "I handed him the bag to which he brought out the clothes and handed them to the tiny figure who was quietly but fearfully looking at me, he took her into the dressing room to get dressed,

"Is that her?" I asked the moment he stepped out,

He sighed before nodding yes,

"But why did she look so fearful?" I questioned

"*sighed* because she is scared, at first I thought I was the size difference but now it feels like there is more to it," Jin sounded worried

"Hyung don't stress about it, she will eventually warm up to us," I tried to reassure him

"Oh, you are ready right?" He asked if I was ready for work


"Could U take her to your room while I get ready?" He asked

"Sure, but I don't know her name?" I looked at him execting her name

"Oh, It's Y/n," I nodded

"I'M DONE" Jin went into the closet I followed him and he bent over to her level on the white thing on the ground you know what just see yourself

(The white thing on the ground with the brown jacket on it I don't know what it's called)

What she wore:


(Just focus on the cloths that's not Y/n)

she looked so adorable and cute.

"Princess, could u stay with Hoseok for a while, while I get ready." She looked at me in fear as I stared at their conversation blankly.

But to be honest her cute expression was priceless.


I looked over to the other human figure who stood there looking at us blankly,

With his black silky hair, beautiful skin, dark brown orbs, high nose bridge, thin pink lips, and defined jawline, he looked cold but still gave off a warm-hearted vibe, I was caught off guard when he suddenly smiled at me, and his smile felt warm but me being who I'm looked away, I turned towards Jin who was patiently waiting for an answer I nodded yes,

"Great," I didn't want to go with him but I didn't have a choice, I noticed the other figure who I assumed to be Hoseok was walking closer to me as I slowly backed away from him, he was now beside Jin as he bent over to my level,

"So, u must be y/n," I nodded

"Nice to meet u, Hoseok, or u can call me Hobi." he placed his palm down facing up for me, and I slowly took shy steps into his palm, honesty I was happy he was giving me an option rather than grabbing me, he curved his fingers around me to protect me from falling, I held on to his thumb for support as the sudden movement sent shiver going down my spine I don't think I will ever get used to being picked up

"Do u want to come with me while I wake the other members?"I shook my head no, as we walked through the corridor

"Oh, okay I take u to my room," We entered a room two doors from Jin's room

I was stunned by the aesthetics,

"You, like it?" I looked back at Hobi who was giggling he turned around and was about to leave when he stopped by the door handle

"I'll be right back," I nodded in response

???'s POV

I was peacefully sleeping, when I heard someone walk into my room but I care less so I decided not to pay much attention to it,

"Hyung," I turned to the other side of the bed

"Hyung, you need to wake up remember we have a meeting with the Kingston today," I finally opened my eyes only to see Hobi was already set and ready to go

"What about the others are they up?"

"Well, I feel like Namjoon and Jimin should be up already, but I'm not sure about Taehyung and Jungkook," I nodded before departing from my love my bed

Jin's POV

I was already done getting ready now the problem was how would I tell Y/n that she would be staying with Tae and Jungkook, especially after what happened this morning(Jungkook grabbing Y/n and accidentally hurting her) I went over to Hobi's room and couldn't help but smile at the cute sight, She turned to face me with full checks, Her beautiful innocent doe eyes beautifully reflecting the sunlight, chubby cheeks, button nose, long black silky hair, with a f

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