Our Little Source of Joy
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A/n's POV

It's y/n's first day at her new high school, she is a second-year student. now she attends Seoul National University,

Y/n's POV

it's my first day at my new high school and honestly, I'm scared, I mean I'm going to a new high school full of different people I don't even know. My size is another thing that makes me scared. My aunt on the other hand is not even trying to make things better, she hates me with every single part of her, my uncle who is her husband is no more and so are my parents.


I was ready to leave for my first day, I had to fly there cause I didn't want anything to do with my aunt that morning. I arrived at my class about 15 minutes early so I went to the rooftop instead since I guessed that no one would be there as I predicted it would have at least one student there and windy so I sat on the edge of the building. It had been only five minutes since I made my way to the rooftop I wondered why people didn't come here or any staff since this was a pretty good place to be alone at school, I didn't notice the three figures that appeared.

"You must be the new student," I was started by the cold and dark voice that spoke from behind me, turned around trying my best not to make a fool of myself, and that was when my eyes met with theirs.


name: Kim Jimin

Status: First Makean, Mafia boss/prince, torturer 


Nature: Cold, scary, boy, Always cold t

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