Chapter 3

First Place
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The fresh, warm morning sun beat down on Hyukjae's face, putting him in a good mood, especially since it was a Saturday morning when he was going to make a point of doing nothing. No work, just enjoying his family as he hadn't done for some time. 

 Sleep was still calling, so he turned to the other side of the bed to find Donghae asleep and pulled him tighter to him. Hyukjae was about to close his eyes when he noticed a figure in the open doorway of the bedroom and smiled at his son. 

 The little one's gaze wandered between the older man and the empty space between the brunette's arms, it was possible to see how hesitant Rowoon was to enter the room. 

 Hyukjae : Rowoon... (called him softly)


 Before he could say anything else, the child ran down the corridor back to his safe space, causing the older man to be confused by the action, so he got up and walked barefoot to his son's room. 

 With the door slightly open, the CEO knocked lightly and smiled, seeing the little one amused by the almost completed puzzle. 

 Rowoon : I'm sorry (he asked without looking at his father's face) I didn't mean to disturb you. 

 Hyukjae : Bother what? (the other didn't answer) Rowoon...

 Rowoon : I thought you were working, so you went to your room. 

 Hyukjae : Did you want to wake omma?

 Rowoon : No

The older man was even more confused by this answer, but just as he was about to speak, he was interrupted by a sleepy yawn from someone entering the room. It was inevitable not to smile at his husband. 

 Donghae : Good morning (he lay down on the baby's small bed)

 Rowoon : Omma (smiled and ran towards him, who opened his eyes) 


 Hyukjae's smile widened even more as he appreciated the affection between the two and realized that this was what Rowoon wanted, but seeing that the appa was still in bed, he didn't dare disturb either of them. 

 Donghae : I missed my baby's hugs 


 At that moment, the CEO could have sworn that Donghae wanted to caress the bangs falling on the boy's face, but there was no movement, only when Rowoon put the other's hand on his head did Donghae take that action. 

 Hyukjae : I'll prepare something to eat (he felt like an intruder there) 

 Donghae : Are you still at home? I thought you'd already left 

 Hyukjae : I won't be working today 

 Donghae : Any special reason?

 Hyukjae : I miss being with you guys 


 The brunette didn't say anything, just stared at him expressionlessly and no

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Chapter 4: Thankfully hyuk had his priorities realized. Your family will always be the number 1.

thanks for sharing this story! :))
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Chapter 3: Hyukjae really needs to know his priority. seems like not only his relationship w his son is strained but w his husband as well. hmmm, something’s different w roowon…

thanks for the update and happy holidays 🥳
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Chapter 2: Oh nooo. Hyukee :(