Chapter 1

First Place
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Lee Hyukjae and Choi Siwon had known each other since they were little, Lee's father working for Choi's father. They knew perfectly well that there was a different level of social class between the two, but as innocent children they didn't care and it made them become best friends. 

 Neither parent interfered in the friendship, after all Choi saw that his son could have someone by his side who wasn't fake, who wasn't interested in money and who was trustworthy, while Lee found it interesting that his son realized that you couldn't judge someone by their social class. 

 However, although the two adults enjoyed the friendship that was developing, Hyukjae realized that his friend had things easier than he did and this led to a little competition within the little boy. 

 Siwon was first in everything at school!

 First to get good grades. First to receive the love letters from the boys and girls at school. First to be asked to play by the children. First to be invited to birthday parties. First to be told by the aunts in the canteen that he was handsome and kind....

Hyukjae would only be second or third or even last in every situation and that frustrated him. 

 Even when they went to college, Siwon was the school president, the popular one at the university, the first at the games, the first to be chosen and often to choose people, the first one people turned to with a big smile. 

 ing rich hairstyles and elegant clothes! That's what Hyukjae always thought to himself. 

 They had the same group of friends, but for some reason, Siwon was always the first to know about everything! From the new parties, the new freshmen, the new news. He had his first girlfriend, then his first boyfriend, he was the first to experience kissing and even life.

 Everything got worse when Hyukjae took an interest in a boy and when he thought about proposing, he ended up losing his charm when the boy only complimented Choi. 

 Hyukjae ended up becoming competitive because he also wanted to be the first at something. 

 Even when Siwon came up to him and said that he had met the most handsome boy in the world. Hyukjae wanted to be the first to meet the most handsome boy in the world!

 One day when Siwon arrived with the most handsome boy he'd ever met at "their table", all his friends agreed with the term, but for Hyukjae that boy, whose name he learned was Kim Kibum, wasn't as handsome as everyone made him out to be.

However, Hyukjae promised himself that he would be the first to meet the most handsome boy in college. 

 Exhausted from studying for various subjects in order to come first and, above all, be better than Siwon, Hyukjae decided to relax a little in the green gardens that the university had. He was so distracted without any content in his head that he didn't notice when he bumped into someone. 

 Folders of papers, pencils, pens and books all fell to the ground, scattering everything. 

 Hyukjae : Sorry, I didn't see you (bent down to pick up as much as he could)

 XXX : Don't worry, I was totally distracted too 


 It was then when Hyukjae got up from the floor to hand over the things that his gaze caught on the other boy. Oh yes! The boy in front of him was a beauty nonetheless. 

 Yes, he had met the most handsome boy in college! But above all, he was the first to meet him. 

 Hyukjae : I'm Lee Hyukjae (smiled)

 XXX : Lee Donghae (smiled back)


 After that meeting, Hyukjae didn't let Donghae go that far, they became friends, got to know each other's tastes and personalities. Incredibly, he met the younger man several times and they shared memories; he became special to Hyukjae.

He could admit that he was in lov

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Chapter 4: Thankfully hyuk had his priorities realized. Your family will always be the number 1.

thanks for sharing this story! :))
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Chapter 3: Hyukjae really needs to know his priority. seems like not only his relationship w his son is strained but w his husband as well. hmmm, something’s different w roowon…

thanks for the update and happy holidays 🥳
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Chapter 2: Oh nooo. Hyukee :(