for lovers who hesitate

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"Winter you can take my sit"

"Ah hindi na Karina... ano... sasabit nalang ako, oo"

"How can you sabit when you can't even bend your arm?"

"Maayos naman left arm ko hmp"

"Mga ne, ano ba sasakay kayo o pareho ko kayong ibababa?"

"Sit on my lap nalang Winter"

"HA? Ano hind-"




do you believe in love at first sight?

what is love at first sight anyway?

is it just attraction because of their attractive appearance? infatuation?


is it a process of falling in love?

does it start with you being physically attracted to them…

as frequent encounters plays part, you realize that you’re slowly admiring their personality,

then from personality turns into curiosity,

the more you get curious about them,

the more you want to know them, the more you get scared and thrilled at the same time…

the more you heart aches in ways you can’t explain…

adrenaline rush?

afraid of being rejected?

because eventually that mere attraction turns into admiration, resulting to infatuation…

and without realizing it, that mere infatuation turns into love.

will you let your brain confess?


will you let your heart confess?


will both pursue?



wait lang huhu busy pa me sa acads


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