Straykids (One Shot Collection)
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The soft afternoon sunlight filtered through the curtains, casting a warm glow across the room where Han was engrossed in a manga marathon. The pages turned with a delicate rustle as he immersed himself in the colorful world of characters and stories.

You, on the other hand, had just returned from the store with a familiar white box in hand. Knowing Han's fondness for cheesecake, you had decided to surprise him with his favorite treat. The tantalizing aroma of the dessert filled the air as you entered the room.

"Hey, Jisung, look what I got for you!" you exclaimed, holding the cheesecake box in front of him. However, the world of manga had swallowed him whole, and he remained oblivious to your presence.

Undeterred, you decided to play a little game. "Hannie, cheesecake time!" you called out, but there was still no response. A mischievous idea formed in your mind as you took a slice of cheesecake and sat in front of him.

"Open wide!" you teased, pretending to offer him a bite. However, as he remained engrossed in his manga, you sneakily took the bite for yourself, a sly smile playing on your lips.

Han finally looked up, catching you in the act. His eyes widened, and he pouted cutely, "Ya Yeobo, that's my cheesecake!"

You grinned, enjoying the playful banter. "Well, you were too busy reading, so I thought I'd save you the trouble of chewing."

He huffed in mock indignation, "Yeobo! You're mean, you know that?" But the tw

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Fire_trek 336 streak #1
Chapter 10: Lee Know is so y yet a gentle spirit, the writing somehow got even better than the last one… I didn’t know that was even possible. These Drabbles are so cool and amazing 🤩
Fire_trek 336 streak #2
Chapter 9: Wow, that was an adventure! Seeing BangChan so vulnerable and soft made my heart melt.. and then there was the , how could he get any hotter than that? It was brilliant
Fire_trek 336 streak #3
Chapter 8: Spending time with someone special is what we all need this holiday season. I could picture IN doing this in real life!
Fire_trek 336 streak #4
Chapter 7: Now I have to look up Seungmin dancing with JYP 👀🤧 I hope it’s real.. this was cute and fluffy the way that I like ‘em’.
Fire_trek 336 streak #5
Chapter 6: This one is my personal favorite.. I love Felix and video games so naturally I’d pick this one lol
Fire_trek 336 streak #6
Chapter 5: Every time I read these you keep getting better and better! This is top quality fanfiction right here. I love how you write things that are accurate for each member, it doesn’t feel copied and pasted.
Fire_trek 336 streak #7
Chapter 4: I love the fluff, I could totally see this happening
Fire_trek 336 streak #8
Chapter 3: Changbin is such a teddy bear! He would get possessive over who we workout with. I’m glad it was all in good nature though
Fire_trek 336 streak #9
Chapter 2: I love Lee Know’s pet name for us! He’s so adorable
Fire_trek 336 streak #10
Chapter 1: Aww this was so cute and fluffy I had to give it an upvote too