Lee Know

Straykids (One Shot Collection)
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The dance studio, aglow with the vibrant hues of colored lights, provided a mesmerizing backdrop to Lee Know's intense practice session. Each move he executed was a masterpiece of dance, his body gracefully traversing through intricate choreography with a precision that seemed almost effortless. Unbeknownst to him, you stood at the entrance, a solitary spectator caught in the magnetic pull of his artistry.

As Lee Know's eyes met yours, a genuine warmth spread across his face. With a twirl that seemed almost choreographed, he beckoned you to join him on the studio floor. Unable to resist, you stepped into the dance of light and sound, feeling the anticipation of being part of his world.

"Hey, baby," he greeted, the endearment rolling off his tongue like a familiar refrain. "Wanna dance with me?"

A smile tugged at your lips as you nodded, his hand enveloping yours as he led you to the center of the studio. The music embraced you both, its beats a heartbeat that echoed through the room. It was an invitation to step into a realm where movement spoke louder than words.

"Feel the rhythm," he whispered, his voice a gentle melody. "It's all about expressing yourself."

Attempting to follow his lead, you navigated the intricate footwork, feeling the synergy between you and Lee Know. His laughter echoed whenever you stumbled, transforming missteps into lighthearted moments shared in the dance's embrace.

"Okay, let's try that part again,

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Fire_trek 335 streak #1
Chapter 10: Lee Know is so y yet a gentle spirit, the writing somehow got even better than the last one… I didn’t know that was even possible. These Drabbles are so cool and amazing 🤩
Fire_trek 335 streak #2
Chapter 9: Wow, that was an adventure! Seeing BangChan so vulnerable and soft made my heart melt.. and then there was the , how could he get any hotter than that? It was brilliant
Fire_trek 335 streak #3
Chapter 8: Spending time with someone special is what we all need this holiday season. I could picture IN doing this in real life!
Fire_trek 335 streak #4
Chapter 7: Now I have to look up Seungmin dancing with JYP 👀🤧 I hope it’s real.. this was cute and fluffy the way that I like ‘em’.
Fire_trek 335 streak #5
Chapter 6: This one is my personal favorite.. I love Felix and video games so naturally I’d pick this one lol
Fire_trek 335 streak #6
Chapter 5: Every time I read these you keep getting better and better! This is top quality fanfiction right here. I love how you write things that are accurate for each member, it doesn’t feel copied and pasted.
Fire_trek 335 streak #7
Chapter 4: I love the fluff, I could totally see this happening
Fire_trek 335 streak #8
Chapter 3: Changbin is such a teddy bear! He would get possessive over who we workout with. I’m glad it was all in good nature though
Fire_trek 335 streak #9
Chapter 2: I love Lee Know’s pet name for us! He’s so adorable
Fire_trek 335 streak #10
Chapter 1: Aww this was so cute and fluffy I had to give it an upvote too