My Dying Wish

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When Lee Eun-oh finds herself in a dangerous situation as her alter ego Yoon Seon-a, she wishes to turn back time and live her life more freely. 

Yet she didn't expect to wake up in the past and live the life of a rich high schooler named Yoo Rachel, with an almost identical face to hers. 


My Dying Wish is a Lovestruck in the City x The Heirs/ Inheritors fanfic web novel available on Asianfanfics and written solely by the author MAT-thesilentpoet, a fanfiction author who had mainly been active on Wattpad as The Silent Poet on the account MAT_2211.

The fanfiction includes romance and comedy with a small bit of angst and dark/triggering themes such as suicide, abuse, and death as it follows Lee Eun-oh's attempt to live her new life as Yoo Rachel as she figures out more about the body she inhabits. 

With romanticized Korean words written primarily in every dialogue, this angsty, dark, and slightly romantic fanfiction allows non-Korean speakers to expand their Korean vocabulary.

With thus said, you as a reader, are highly encouraged to read this fanfiction. It would be extremely appreciated if interactions such as an upvote, follow, or comments were delivered as feedback.

Please and thank you. 


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HDnguyen #1
Chapter 2: Let's continue the story. It's fascinating. Please update it every day