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(Things are not getting any better; but they realize just how they have a ton of work on the communications department of things they are to be together. P.S. this is the tango version imagined: link)

Nichkhun sat in the waiting room reserved for him in Victoria. He had intercepted the handler that was bringing the meals for them after the performance and learned that his ex-virtual wife was taking a shower to prepare for her flight back to Beijing and that Xiao Li would arrive soon to pick her up. Also, he knew Victoria ate very little for lunch before their performance that afternoon and so, as a last gesture from his side, he would make sure that she ate something before she ran out of his life, maybe even forever.

Their stage performance was a raging success. But the story that they ended up telling was one tinged with sadness - like a coming to terms and acceptance of things that cannot be changed no matter how they try to work it out. The confrontation they had earlier that morning in one of JYP’s practice rooms led them to this story.

Victoria came into the practice room and Nichkhun was already there. Amber had called Nichkhun to ask him why Victoria was suddenly flying back to China that same night, after their performance. "Did you fight again, oppa?" Amber asked worriedly and Nichkhun noticed she didn’t address him as “appa” anymore. 

Without a word and barely giving him an acknowledging glance, Victoria settled her bag in one corner. “You’re early. Let’s practice.” she said calmly.

"Why are you being like this? Tell me what's wrong..." Nichkhun almost wanted to scream at this frustrating woman.

“There’s no time to lose. Come on–” Victoria still adamantly insisted on the practice.

"You always keep everything bottled up -- I'm not a psychic, tell me what I did wrong at least!" Nichkhun finally broke the silence.

Victoria turned to him. "Look, I know about Dana. There's no need to explain. Let's just practice."

Blood drained from Nichkhun’s face as he heard the name from Victoria’s lips. "What? How? She's not...we're not...I'm not with her!"

“I think she would beg to differ. I heard everything in the basement yesterday." Victoria continued calmly.

"It was nothing! It was just--" he was clearly out of words. He knew he was in trouble and it felt like the entire JYP building was crashing down on him.

"A one-night stand? Same for the other girls, you know: Ji-Hye, Sun-ah?" Victoria’s patience snapped. She had been holding it in since yesterday.

"How could you...Fine, I slept once with Dana, but that's it; it meant nothing!" Nichkhun defended.

"Right, they were just available bodies so you did it with them. Just like you slept with me while you were in China -- just a one-night sta–-" Victoria felt as if she was going to be sick in the stomach as the familiar feelings of disgust and betrayal surged through her like a tsunami. 

"NO, what happened between us was different!" 

"You were cheating on Dana with me. Or were you actually cheating on Tiffany with Dana, me, and the rest?"

"Now you believe those tabloid rumors again? I told you I didn't get back together with Tiffany. You never trusted me! That's the problem with you; you could never trust me! Why? Because I'm never good enough for you!" 

"Don't turn the tables here, you're the one who couldn't keep your pants up!"

"Oh and you're a saint? What about Yang Yang? You turn me down after WGM and you get on with him!"

"What about Yang Yang?"

"--You kept him in wraps; yeah like I get it. Everyone in this industry has to keep up their image. But you: it's because nobody is good enough, worthy enough to let the world know!" he was already shouting at this point.

"Why would I let the world get involved? Was it the world I was dating?" Victoria shouted back with the same level of exasperation as Nichkhun.

“But you can’t deny we feel strongly for each other…” Nichkhun said quietly after they both had calmed down.

“True. And look at where it’s brought us.” was all Victoria could say. They were quiet again. The memories of their arguments during WGM all those years ago came flooding in. Those were petty little fights compared to this one, a veritable explosion. It was more than a decade since that virtual marriage of theirs. They both realized how different things had become; how different of people they were now that they would have to come to terms with.

Their feelings were strong, the , the attraction. What they had was a flame so hot that it burned. Their row just earlier proved that very flame could hurt both of them and maybe even capable of burning to ashes what budding friendship they barely cultivated when they first reconnected when filming their drama. The only thing they could agree on was they seem to always clash – heck, they can't even agree whether to start or not! 

That was their story to tell through their Tango number: a raging uncontrollable fire, scorching hot that they could not continue holding on to it without incurring serious damages for both of them. And as the curtains fell on their performance, it marked the closing act of a story that was never meant to be written, a tale of love that burned too brightly for its own good, leaving behind only fading embers and memories of what might have been.

The door to the waiting room opened and Nichkhun was woken up in his miserable reverie. In came Victoria, the very woman, the only one, who could stir up Nichkhun into a blazing fire that threatened to incinerate his whole being. There was an initial surprise in Victoria’s eyes as she asked him “What are you doing here?”

“Why? Can’t I be here? I was assigned this waiting room as well. Food’s ready.”

Victoria had been feeling a bit queasy since they parted ways after their stage performance. The gears in her head had turned rapidly and well ahead of everything that she had progressed, in a short matter of time, through the stages of grief for the loss of their connection which barely started – she was in the 5th and last stage already: acceptance.

Victoria looked at the spread and didn’t find anything appealing, particularly the mayonnaise dressing that Nichkhun had started to pour on one of salad bowls for her. Usually, she wasn’t a picky eater and as Luna commented once ‘ate everything well’.  She was clearly driving herself stressed. “I’m not hungry.”

“You hardly ate any lunch before the performance. Why can’t you just listen to me for once?!?” Nichkhun stood up, aiming to walk to her and bring her to sit down and eat, even if it was against her will. He was going to get some food inside her no matter what. He might have broken her heart but he won’t let her ruin her health.

Victoria tried to get away from him. “No, Nich—” and she turned but didn’t finish what she wanted to say. Nichkhun saw her body sag, then collapsed almost onto the floor as he barely made it on time to catch her. She had fainted.

Nichkhun's concern had escalated into panic, and he was ready to call for an ambulance when Xiao Li and the rest of the f(x) girls, who were apparently going to send her off at the airport, all rushed into the room. They gathered around Victoria, who was now on the couch, their voices a mix of worry and relief. Thankfully, she came around quickly after just a few moments.

Nichkhun's insistence on taking Victoria to the hospital was met with her firm rejection. She needed to get home, away from the suffocating atmosphere that lingered between them. Nichkhun reluctantly acquiesced, realizing that perhaps the best thing he could do was to let her go.

As Victoria rested for a few minutes, Nichkhun couldn't help but feel the weight of their situation. The reality of their doomed relationship hung in the air, a painful truth they both had to face. The room felt heavy with unspoken words, with emotions that had no outlet. Finally, Nichkhun spoke, his voice carrying a sense of resignation, "You should at least eat some soup."

She looked at him, her eyes betraying a mixture of emotions – sadness, frustration, and a hint of acceptance. Without a word, she took the spoon and forced herself to eat, each spoonful a bitter acknowledgment of the ending that loomed over them.

Nichkhun watched her silently, the air thick with an unspoken farewell. The soup was finished in strained silence, punctuated only by the distant sounds of the city outside.

When Victoria was done, she set the spoon aside, her gaze avoiding Nichkhun's eyes. It was a simple act, but in that moment, they both understood the weight it carried. Nichkhun kept his eyes on the spoon resting on the table, not trusting himself to speak. He respected their unspoken pact, knowing that he needed to let her go. As she gathered her things to leave, he resisted the urge to tag along. The ride to the airport was a journey he couldn't take with her.

The rest of the f(x) girls remained quiet as well as they took their leave. Xiao Li glanced at Nichkhun, as if to say that she felt for him but that she could also sense that a serious damage had been done and things were beyond repair at this point.

In the cold silence of the room, Victoria left without looking back. Nichkhun sat there, alone with the echoes of a story that was never meant to be, watching as the door closed behind her, closing a chapter that felt like a dream slipping through his fingers.

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