angel, angel baby (s&c drabbles)

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"This is such an inconvenience," Hyukjae hyung frowned, and even more annoyed than ever upon the sight of Donghae's bright smile. "My whipped-ness for you is an inconvenience."

Donghae and his Hyukjae hyung are in an established relationship. Silly little dramas happen.


cw //

small collection of eunhae drabbles in Sugar & Candy universe (universe?? lolll) consisting of silly slice of life in between chapters, or alternatively: the daily life of lee donghae and his exceptionally charming sugar daddy older boyfriend.

updates will be irregular (work... :"""""D) Not sure how many chapters long. For now I want to explore the characters further and write a short drabble in between chapter while I'm brainstorming for my next long (I suppose it's long lol) fanfic.

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Chapter 9: I miss them. But why it's so heartbreaking?? 😭😭😭 i need a long time to finish this chapter bcz i don't want sobbing all alone 😭😭 thankyou for writing hyukjae's pov in their separation. I'm looking forward to the next part 💙💙
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Chapter 9: I was not ready for this. 😭
So that was how he found out about Hae being that child.
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Chapter 9: Going through this separation narrative for a second time in Hyukjae's eyes is really so heartbreaking. At last, he finally realized that they were meant to be for each other.
Chapter 9: It's 4 am and Im crying 🥺🥺🥺
Chapter 9: Oh gosh, I shouldn't be crying at a half past three in the morning, yet, here I am... Thank you Lilith for the update 😭💙
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Chapter 8: Donghae's development is just so fascinating. He's really a little horror now. LOL
Ashsokawaii #7
Chapter 8: thank you for updating 💙 I loved this chapter!! it has to be one of the cutest things I've ever read!! poor hyukjae though, he's down bad for that angelic looking, devil in disguise 😭 but I don't blame him, donghae is just way too cute 🥺
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Chapter 8: just what I needed today (: thankyouuu so much ^^
had fun reading whipped hyukjae :))
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Chapter 7: Nooooooo! So cute! Whippery overload 😍
lydmoon #10
Chapter 7: aww this is so cute <3
thank you for the updates, i really appreciate it^^