The Silent Whispers of an Unspoken Heart

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From the very beginning when she appeared on the grand stage of Produce 48, Jang Wonyoung's heart was utterly captivated by the radiant presence of Kwon Eunbi.

What started as mere admiration had gradually evolved into an unspoken love that would shape the young visual's life for years to come.












This'll be pretty quick to update.

I've been OBSESSED with the Produce Cinematic Universe (PCU) and have been recently caught in the snares of the groups like IVE, IZ*ONE, and LESSERAFIM.

This story is loosely based on these "Puppy Love," "ten years and counting," "jasmine and amaryllis (they remind me of you)," and "Between Petals and Papers."

So here ya go lol.


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