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Freen being overwhelmed by her feelings, decided to talk to Nam which made her realize how deep is her love for Becky

What do you think? Rather than just having Becky's Pov I thought it would be better to see her Pov with Irin's since I made Freen's pov with Nam's . Should I make more Freenbecky story?


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story19 #1
Chapter 2: So sweet, so lovely.. More please.
Chapter 2: This is healing my heart
1202 streak #3
Chapter 2: After the recent events this truly kinda healed my heart ❤️
kungfuboy #4
Chapter 2: Wow...
Yes, you should make more story about Freenbecky
marianee #5
Chapter 1: Ok this was so nice!!! Post on ao3 please there is a bigger audience there
1202 streak #6
Chapter 1: Oh my god I'm not crying 😭 a pt 2 from Becky's perspective would be amazing
Chapter 1: Hoho! Part 2 for Becky's Pov sounds great! I enjoyed reading this! Looking forward to you sharing Becky's pov :) Take care and stay safe
Chapter 1: Yes!! I love it! Hope you will write Becky pov and also more stories about them :)