One, Two, Three, Go!

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This is my wenrene one-shots collection. 


Hi, guys! Stories in this collection are either based on prompts or my random thoughts. Besides, some of them are for my ongoing AUs.

Thank you so much for reading these stories and please feel free to leave comments! By the way, I'm twitter user @Ultramarine_WR :)


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Chapter 2: Irene is so cute when she is being cheeky with Wendy! And Wendy just couldn't resist her. So much fluffs and fun.
Chapter 1: Love how they connect with each other so quickly. Irene isn't that shy afterall. Heh!
Cyrell #3
Chapter 2: I’m melting. This is so fluffy. Thanks author
1511 streak #4
Chapter 1: Wow this is cute! Can I give you a prompt here? Since Wendy gonna do Rebecca...
Wendy's late wife Irene was killed in tragic fire. Now she's marries Joohyun. She had hard time moving on 'Coz constant reminder and deep love for irene. The plot thicken because the maid who love Irene hate Joohyun for replacing her muse.
So, basically same plot but make R loving wife instead manipulative B*tch
Love03 #5
Chapter 1: It's cute and wholesome. Loved it!