The Interlude: One of These Anecdotes

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The night wears on, and the four of them will continue talking until the dawn breaks.


Guys, this story is the sequel of "A Small Thing" (! This story is mainly taeny. I want to see wenrene and taeny drink together while talking to each other, and this was why I wrote this story :) Besides, I used the situations at the real bartender schools as reference points for this story. 

Thank you so much for reading and please feel free to leave comments! By the way, I'm twitter user @Ultramarine_WR :)


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Chapter 1: Hiii
1511 streak #2
Chapter 1: Our favs Pink and blue couple ❤️💙
It meant to be to a T down to their captain: a Sooyoung 😂
Chapter 1: Yup I love me some wenrene and taeny moments
Chapter 1: A perfect dose to accompany my lunch break. Love it!
Riscark 1188 streak #5
Chapter 1: The OG parents line meeting our parents line
Chapter 1: This is cute and light. Feels like I'm there with them, drinking. I'm gonna read the first one!
Great job! :)