saccharine flavor

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seungwan knows a lot about secrets. what she doesn't know is what else joohyun is hiding besides the fact that seungwan is pretending to be her secretary and seducing men into signing contracts with joohyun.

(kind of) sugar mommy au


this isn't exactly what was prompted but this is only the start hehe

for anon:

"Author Hi! If you have many prompts to write, it's okay if you don't want to write this one. But I'm just sending just in case haha. If you have the time, may I ask for a angsty but happy ending- bjh glucose mama au? thank you!"

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Bltrx82 #1
Chapter 2: waiting for next chapter. fighting writer-nim
Chapter 2: Now I want to see this totally lost Seungwan becoming a seduction machine just like his great friend Sooyoung 😭
WluvsBaetokki #3
Chapter 2: I am Sat and will stay Sat through this Damn!
WluvsBaetokki #4
Chapter 2: I am Sat and will stay Sat through this Damn!
mklarisse_ #5
Chapter 1: WOAHHHH new dynamics rlly interesting!!! didnt expect it to be this omg ur mind authornim
wandawanda21 #6
ooh this prompt is refreshing, lets go author! 🫢
Chapter 2: She's in need of money that's why she's desperate. I wonder if Wendy's parents has people to follow her or know what she's doing in life and also if they're funding the house wenseul and joyri is currently living in. Idk but i just thought of seungwan meeting her father like joohyun not knowing that it was the daughter of the person they're going to seduce lol that would be epic and seungwan proving that her father is a hypocrite. It would be fun to see joohyun's reaction once she learn about Seungwan's family or at least her being a lesbian
ShinHye24 1340 streak #8
Oh...this is new 👀
wenwrites #9
Chapter 2: OMG HEYYYYY WELCOME BACK!!!! LOVED this chapter, so so excited to read more of this, thank you once again!!
Izin baca