somebody's pleasure

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heeseung been dating wonyoung since she was just an idol trainee. now wonyoung has debuted and crowned as the it girl on this 4th gen of kpop, while heeseung is a rising rookie athlete. what will happened if what they keep behind closed door revealed to the world?




 lee heeseung, sophomore at korea univeristy majors in physical education. heeseung is a total introvert, he can't started conversation and tends to be passive in social gatherings. his personality is calm and mature, he rarely got worked up over things because he tend to analyzed the situation before jump into it. heeseung have a huge fanbase since he was in junior high school, he went viral over one game because he made an all kill of clean shots during that game. his free throw and three points shots rates are 98% , he dubbed as the 'ace shooter' and even scouted by numerous top university when he was stil a middle schooler. although heeseung have this softboy looks but those bambi's eyes will changed once he's on the court. 









 jang wonyoung, freshmen at korea university majors in business deparment. wonyoung is what people called 'born to be an idol' she have that happy and pretty vibes ever since she was a baby. wonyoung is a former child actress, as she grow up she gained interested in music. wonyoung was scouted to the S entertainment and started her idol training since she was 11 years old. wonyoung not only participated on a survival show but she also become #1 highest voted during the show and name as the center of the group when she was only 13 years old. her energetic and blunt remarks were her signature on the entertainment world, she was not just loved but also hated by many people. but she never let those people bring her down, wonyoung is the typical that likes to see the good in people that's why she never mind those haters. 



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