Drummer Girlfriend

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Karina promised herself she’d go solo…. so why is she in the same studio as Giselle, the most well-known lead guitarist of their university?


Hello! This is xenoglosi. I am writing this because of my love for Kariselle (lol). I don't see much Kariselle content on here, hence my decision of making this. Note: Self-indulgent. Note 2: Pure fiction, please learn how to separate au from reality. Any similarities between events and settings are pure coincidental. Everything's all light and cringeworthy romance. Enjoy reading!


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Uchinagaeri 0 points #1
Chapter 4: seated 🫡🫡
yoonhun07 #2
Chapter 3: Loved it! Love how you include yung pov ng dalawa <3 seated for this fic keep it up po 🤗