Drummer Girlfriend
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When I arrived sa campus, I headed straight to our building which is located sa farthest point ng university. Literal na we’re on top of the world, lol. If I had one thing that I like sa university namin, it would be the fact na may sariling building yung every department, and if not every department naman, iisang building lang yung medyo same field. It’s super convenient, honestly.

I parked my car sa designated parking space and waited sa lobby. I didn’t even notice na halos mag 1 hour na akong nag-iintay kay Ning. Asan na ba yung babaeng yun? Kaya I decided to go sa canteen to grab something to eat, and to my dismay ay closed yung canteen ng building namin. No choice but I have to go down pa sa Bunzel to have something to munch while I wait. Super gutom na, I haven’t eaten since dinner last night. And who’s fault is it? Mine.

While walking sa sidewalk, I noticed some students walking their way to the chapel. May mass ata later or either mapagdasal lang talaga silang lahat. As I was approaching Bunzel’s canteen, it gave me a somewhat uneasy feeling. Is it always like this sa Bunzel, why sobrang hectic and rushed yung aura? Siguro because it’s the closest sa entrance gate kaya people tend to tambay here and it gets packed. Gosh, our building’s canteen is much more peaceful, too bad closed siya today. I chose something to eat na and read the book I brought – Instructions for Dancing by Nicole Yoon. [A/N: You guys need to read this book, it’s cute and very light-ish.]

Finishing a couple chapters and my food, tinapon ko na yung pinagkainan ko and went outside. Students were still walking their ways to the chapel. Ano ba oras

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Uchinagaeri 0 points #1
Chapter 4: seated 🫡🫡
yoonhun07 #2
Chapter 3: Loved it! Love how you include yung pov ng dalawa <3 seated for this fic keep it up po 🤗