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Drummer Girlfriend
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"Karina, have you heard?"

It was 8AM, barely woken up from my sleep, when Winter just rushed inside my dorm room. Ang aga pa, jusko!

"Of what?" I answered naman kahit I was half-asleep pa, Winter gets sulky if you won't answer her.

"May event yung campus next month! I think pre-intrams, and campus wide rin siya.”

“Oh, okay, thanks for telling me? Is this even confirmed?” I asked her, kasi knowing Winter, may habit siya na magspoil ng future events ng Student Council. She’s the Vice President of our university anyway.

Napakamot siya sa kanyang batok, “Hehe, hindi pa. But Pres will announce after the mass later. Speaking of mass, attend ka ba?” Tumango ako.

“Okay, see you! Una na’ko, mag-aayos pa kami sa stage for the university mass later.” Then she walked herself out of my dorm.

School event, huh.



My head hurts. Ilang oras lang tulog ko? I grabbed my phone under the pillows to find out it's 9AM na. Wow, 2 hours of sleep.

Remind me not to cram plates, grabe. 

After ko mag quick touch-up, nagbihis nalang ako then made my way sa parking and called Ning. Sabay kami magsusubmit ng plates namin na last week lang due.

I drove papunta sa place ni Ning, surprisingly no traffic. Thank the heavens. 

G: Where are you?

N: WAIT G! Are you otw na?

G: Yes, like mga 3 traffic lights nalang.

N: DI PA'KO TAPOS! What if punta ka nalang

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Uchinagaeri 0 points #1
Chapter 4: seated 🫡🫡
yoonhun07 #2
Chapter 3: Loved it! Love how you include yung pov ng dalawa <3 seated for this fic keep it up po 🤗