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No will ever care about our fanfiction as much as we do. Chances are that our established audience– like-minded fans of our biases– will tell us that our story is good. But if no one other than our readers share our enthusiasm, can we call ourselves "a good writer"?

I can't answer that, but I can say that bad writers have an uncanny ability to deflect blame onto anyone else but themselves, and therefore, will immediately dismiss criticism. As for normal readers, those who come to our defense and invalidate another reader's unfavorable reaction to our story are, in fact, not helping us.

Praise is rewarding, of course. Criticism is bittersweet.

And if we are capable of recognizing when we get defensive, then we can evaluate our choices with a clear head and become better writers, if not good ones.




Criticism and opinions

 From the Start

Ethics that authors and readers must abide by:

1) Abusive and insulting language will not be tolerated.

2) It is uncourteous and unprofessional to withhold feedback from each other, then turn around and vent to other people.

3) Be honest and communicative.


 Nitty Gritty

Info — I don't read on a first come, first serve basis. I pick stories based on interest, word count, and ongoing/completed. No need to credit me in description or foreword. spread the word in public feed/blog. You can delete the feed/blog after a couple of weeks.

I prefer to review a story that isn't currently being reviewed elsewhere. The story you submit must be the updated, live version. if you're making changes as i'm reading, then it's impractical for me to offer critique and advice. Adding chapters are acceptable, but i will read those at my discretion.

allow text selection on aff. if you aren't comfortable with that or would like a private review, we shall work together through email.

I won't leave you hanging with "I enjoyed the story," so please offer feedback where it's due.

To request for a review, comment below or pm me. There is no form. just tell me about your story and your expectations of me.



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Hard Pass
⋄ Inc*st

⋄ Ped*
⋄ SA
⋄ Leaving out TW in story

Guideline — First Impression (Title, Description/foreword). Writing content (plot, writing style, grammar, pace, flow). Characterization. Final impression (entertainment value, thoughts). If you want specific feedback, then please provide specific questions.



♡ Elle

I'm a one-woman show and an unpaid reader. I don't have any qualifations to criticize your story except that you let me.

Taking 3 requests for first batch. If you weren't accepted, you are welcomed to request in the next batch.

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