I'm Housemates with my Idols!





Hailey (You) is an avid KPOP fan. Like most of us, she wants to learn the Korean language and be able to go to South Korea. 

What would happen if her wishes were granted? Live in South Korea? Check! Study the Korean language? Check!

Let us all go through Hailey's diary to see how her life would change when she isn't only studying in Korea, but also living with her idols. 



Main Characters:

Hailey (You), Mark Lee, and NCT





Diary Log 1:

   Hi! I’m Hailey. Starting today I decided to start my own diary. Others may say I’m too old to start one but to be honest I don’t care as today will mark the day that my life begins.



Diary Log 30

   Hi, again my little diary! You’ll never believe what happened today!! Oh my gosh, I cannot contain my excitement!!

   Remember when I told you that I applied to this program where they’re looking for foreigners who are planning to study in Korea to learn their language and culture? Well, guess what happened? You don’t know? Well… okay, I’m going to tell you.



Diary Log 56

   Hi, diary! I’m currently writing this as I’m on my way to the airport. In a few hours, I’ll be in South Korea breathing the same air and walking on the same land as my favorite KPOP groups. I am writing now as I don’t know if I’ll be able to write anything later.





Hi, I would like to inform you that the format of the story is like a diary log so it will be from the main female's perspective. Above are just snippets of how the flow of the story will be.

I am back after a super long hiatus (almost a decade) and I would like to start writing again but I want to write something light for now. 

I hope you get to enjoy this and the story/plot that I have in my mind is someone based on old variety shows like "Super Junior's Full House" and "Inifite's YAMO (You are my Oppa)". So this story is basically about the life of a foreign student in Korea having her life televised. 



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