Nightmare dressed like a daydream


Villain/Black Mamba!AU Karina (Winrina) (+1 new chapter for Karina's POV!)

"Although, you cry so prettily. Especially when those tears are for me, hm?” 

Too bad Winter was too busy having her senses overwhelmed to notice the weird, black goo dripping from Karina’s hand or how the girl’s arm was being overtaken by a dark texture.

Possessive and cold Karina confuses Winter's heart.




Crossposted on ao3 under the same name, that_one_piper!! Cover art belongs to me :D drawing my own fic is so weird ngl

My first winrina fic... i love them!! My first posted fic too; you dont need to know the aespa lore to enjoy this!! but it adds to it if u do know!!

Winter having a mental breakdown the fic and jail era karina...

We support winter on her way to therapy after this one 

Any concerns, anything you like or dislike, feel free to comment!! I appreciate it all!

A second chapter has been posted! Much smaller than the other one but its Karina's POV! Showing how her silly deranged mind works...!!


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Chapter 2: I might be insane because I think that Karina was hot. HAHAHAHA In the beginning part of this chapter, I think I might have seen the old Karina or I was just tripping. That was really good! Karina was indeed a master manipulator.
reiichan #2
Chapter 1: this is actually good!!!
Chapter 1: Manipulation is not manipulation. Manipulation is Karina. It was just Karina, living up with her Black Mamba allegations. Wow, that was good!
Jamess #5
Chapter 1: well that was great after all 😁👍👍
Seoshuhua #6
Chapter 1: this is so good