Personal Message

Feel free to befriend me or send a DM!! Come talk to me on twt too, at @piperdotexe! I post art there too, and updates! I draw for my fics :D, since drawing is my main medium and I'm new to writing!

About Me

I write about the groups I like which are currently Aespa, IVE, Dreamcatcher, Lesserafim, Red Velvet, NMIXX, Loona, G-Idle, Itzy, Mamamoo, Ateez, Blackpink and Twice!

I also draw! And I crosspost on ao3, my username there is also that_one_piper!

My ult is dreamcatcher but atm im very obssessed with Aespa and IVE. Winter is my ultimate bias <3 in dreamcatcher it is Dami and in IVE it is wonyoung!!!