sorry for being a himbo it will happen again


dni if you don't like big time rush's hit song "boyfriend" btw.


gonna cut to the chase before the chase cuts me like...

  • . discord only and dni if you're someone who loves rpw drama or if you're not funny (kidding).
  • i usually fc men, but i'm down to cpdp whomever. i'm also a minus, but i don't sleep so idc about timezones.
  • i'm looking for friendships (with or without benefits). i'm biual (fem lean) and usually dom/top, but i'm open to whatever. recently, i've been interested in sub-topping, if that's something that catches your eye. i also have hard kinks, but i don't mind vanilla. if you have something you'd like to try, just ask, i won't judge.
  • i'm non-dating but if something happens, it happens. romantic affection is strictly ic and if you're looking for a boyfriend that stays chronically online for you, i'm sorry... however, if you're okay with me having a life and you're cute, i might end up falling in love with you or something like that. kidding, haha... unless?
  • hb? we can watch your favorite movie or fancams of your favorite group, i don't mind. the genres i like most are horror and historical fiction, but who doesn't love a good princess movie once in a while.
  • plots? 100%. hit me up to cuddle or hit me up to run away in a medieval european setting where you're the princess/prince and i'm a knight from the rival kingdom. (or we can be basic and be two college students.)
  • i love listening to people ramble and because i'm curious, i'm attentive. you could tell me the entire lore of the vampire diaries and i'll do my own research and reply like i wrote the show myself. i can't believe damon did that! or something like that...
  • do you like stupid men that will send you stuff that reminds them of you? i'm your guy... i have a big interest in books, art, film, music, etc.
  • i'm a gamer, i game... i'm kinda though. if there's anything you wanna play, just lmk. spent stupid money on this pc and i have a phone for multiple reasons anyw.

that's about all i have to offer, i'm ngl... if you like what you see, dm me your dc tag and what you're looking for? :]

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