3. Drawing up a plan


"This situation is insanely funny, apocalyptic video games just can't compete" a girl with hair dyed like a green highlighter was prowling the street with an old rifle in her hands.

She had gotten excited while watching the previous day's news, so much so that she ran to look for her grandfather's weapons and, in addition to the heavy object she was holding tightly, she had managed to get hold of a gun too.

Unfortunately it was empty, but she knew where she could find bullets and the idea of doing something illegal without suffering consequences exalted her to the point of covering her face with her hands in a sort of strange embarrassment "Son Chaeyoung, your few years of life won't be thrown in the toilet like your parents said"

She whistled at the sight of a zombie, showing a mischievous smile to that being who no longer had anything human "come here splendor, I'm ready to remind you how life " she felt almost empty and looking at her hands she managed to understand why "do you happen to have a cigarette? A woman with a rifle and a cigarette is the height of beauty, don't you think so? I like rough girls"

The living dead had already reached such a state of decomposition that bits of flesh fell to the ground with each staggering step. The stench, then, was something hallucinating.

"My friend, I think you need a good shower with enough soap to go up your " she was pointing the weapon at his head, feeling confident holding it with one hand "I'm sorry, you know? But someone has to die and I won't do it, I have yet to give my first kiss and I just can't afford not to taste some luscious lips"

The sound of the shot had been deafening considering the silence that reigned in the streets and, however reckless and excited Chaeyoung was at the idea of eliminating all the existing zombies, she was well aware that more would soon arrive and that she could not resist long.

"Better move, I need food and other weapons if I don't want to die"






"That girl is a bit creepy, how can she not be afraid? She spent the night alone outside the apartment and now she's sleeping as if everything was normal" Momo was eating the few things they had shared for breakfast, going the extra mile to enjoy every bite.

Sana looked thoughtful "looking at her, she doesn't seem like the type of person who wants to go on living, maybe that's why she's not afraid of anything"

"She is still the most helpful among us and we should thank her because her unhealthy habits will allow us to get some sleep during the night. Our job is to keep her safe throughout the morning and let her rest as she deserves"

"Minari said something without being sarcastic, I feel I could cry with emotion" she was combing her long pink hair, posing in front of the mirror and puffing immediately afterwards "I knew I shouldn't have thrown away my face products, my my skin already "

Mina was judging her with a look "I can assure you that your face is not the only painful thing, the whole person is the problem"

The blue-haired girl had started to observe the way Dahyun was clutching her katanas, noting with displeasure the emotional attachment there was between her and her lethal objects.

She had gotten up to go and tuck her in, feeling a sort of sense of protection towards that apparently fragile person "Dahyun is sleeping soundly, she didn't even realize I was there"

"Let her rest, she deserves it much more than all of us put together" the blonde was collecting the papers on the table, cleaning calmly to pass the time without getting too bored "when should we meet with the others? Nayeon said she wanted to work out a plan to increase the chances of survival for each of us"

Sana lay down next to Dahyun on the huge sofa, which was so big that it had significantly reduced the living room, to fight the cold she felt "we all have to have lunch together" her eyelids were getting heavier every second, leaving room for the total darkness when the already sleeping girl had embraced her.

"Great, she fell asleep too. The only effort she made was to convince me to take this ty trip"

Momo was scrolling through the images she had saved on her cell phone, needing to observe the people who managed to make her feel good "I wonder how the situation is in the rest of the world, they are no longer broadcasting any news and I am worried for my family"

The other girl was looking out the window through a small crack they had left "I like to think that everyone is fine and that, as disgusting as the situation is, this nonsense has only manifested itself here"

"So many people have died and we don't even know why. I feel like I'm losing my mind with fear and the thought of having to leave this apartment makes my legs shake"

"We'll make it, we always make it" Mina moved closer to her to caress her cheeks, her gaze softened and veiled by the tears she had no intention of shedding. She was about to say more when the sound of a shot made even the sleeping girls jump.

They all ran to look out the window, finding themselves gaping at the sight of a girl with a rifle in her hands and another weeping clinging to her leg.





Chaeyoung was laughing heartily "The Last Of Us just can't compete, although we were lucky we didn't have to fight clickers because, I assure you, they would have kicked our " she didn't seem at all bothered by the grip preventing her from moving as she preferred, indeed she found it exciting.

"Could you focus on their heads instead of laughing? You're scaring me too" a girl with long black hair was crying like a desperate one, oblivious to her mucus that was oozing from her red nose.

"Don't worry beauty, I have everything under control" she completely missed her target as it was approaching fast despite its staggering step.

The one she was making herself as useful as a shoe with a hole in the rain, whose name was Jihyo, let herself go into even more desperate tears "I don't want to die eaten by that monster, kill him!"

"I'd gladly do it, but I'm out of bullets" she was pulling the trigger on repeat, huffing and looking around "can you run?"

"Are you kidding? I don't even feel my legs!" her grip was getting stronger and stronger, preventing proper blood circulation in the green-haired girl's limb.

"If we have to die at least give me a kiss for protecting you until now, I think I deserve it"

"I won't give my first kiss to a crazy woman who enjoys shooting a rifle!"

"What a coincidence: I too have never kissed anyone!"

While those two were arguing the zombie had practically reached them, its open mouth covered in blood was salivating, ready to attack their flesh. It leapt forward slightly and it could taste what its mushy brain craved most.

A quick, if somewhat imprecise, blow had blown off the creature's head, causing it to fall to the ground without making a sound. Dahyun had the hilt of her katana gripped in one hand and her gaze fixed on the decomposing body.

Recovering from the umpteenth killing which occurred because of her, she turned to the two girls who were looking at her with amazement "are you still in one piece?"

"You are an angel, you saved our lives" Jihyo was crying again, but this time with strong gratitude "I don't know how I can repay you, you took a huge risk"

"You could repay this debt by not having a fight in the street for a start" she was looking around to make sure there weren't any other zombies nearby, after which she looked towards the building "come with me to a safer place"

After closing the door properly, they reached the other girls in Nayeon's apartment and the hostess hurried to show Jihyo the bathroom "go wash your face, luckily there's still running water and I think you really need it"

They moved the table towards the wall so they could stand in a circle on the living room floor, each of them with food to eat in their hands. The silence was deafening and tension was sky high, so much so that none of them wanted to meet someone else's gaze.

Dahyun, having finished her meal, started cleaning the blade of her katana "I don't think that by being silent we will be able to find a solution to this new precarious lifestyle, we have to get moving to work out a plan"

"What should we do? We just need to put one foot outside to be chased by a crowd of monsters" Mina had leaned against the furniture that she had behind her, her head thrown back from exhaustion.

"It's better to die fighting, staying here brooding won't help anyone" Nayeon was thoughtful "in this neighborhood there is everything we could need, but you have to walk a bit to reach certain places. In the meantime, let's make a list, it could to be useful"

Chaeyoung had raised her hand to be able to speak "we need some weapons and I know where to find them, it's not far from here"

"We also have to eat and drink" Mina was in charge of writing "we need the supermarket and mini markets"

Tzuyu had shyly approached the blonde "we also have to go to the pharmacy, we don't know what could happen"

"Great idea, I suggest adding the hospital too" Momo was still eating, too nervous to stop.

"The hospital could be full of zombies, it would be quite risky" Jihyo was on the verge of tears again "it's practically a suicide"

Mina seemed to light up with her own light "I've been doing archery for many years and I'm sure that in a special shop we could find something useful like a bow and baseball bats. We can't keep counting on Dahyun's swords"

At that point Chaeyoung had set her sights on the last girl mentioned "you have a really nice name and from the way you moved to decapitate that zombie I'd say you're just my type"

"I like girls taller than me, sorry"

By then they were all blushing at the thought of being able to please someone as strong and mysterious as her, with the exception of the shortest of the group "relying on height is superficial"

"Everything is superficial, even life"

Jihyo approached Momo to whisper in her ear "are we sure she won't kill us in our sleep? I'm scared of Chaeyoung too"

The blue-haired girl had the same fear "I have no idea, but my internal organs are shaking just thinking about it"

After writing the list, they decided to let the two newcomers sleep in Jeongyeon's apartment and to let Dahyun stay in Nayeon's, so as to have fairly divided that improvised group.

They spent the rest of the day talking about their misfortunes, complaining about whatever came to mind and some cried to release some of the stress they had accumulated in just two days.

Nayeon hadn't stopped thinking about the places they had to visit in order to prolong their survival "we are nine people and it would be quite risky to move all together"

Even Chaeyoung, calmed down a bit given the absence of danger, was of the same idea "in my opinion the best thing to do would be to move in pairs, but since we are an odd number we should send a trio to get as many provisions as possible while the others will be able to concentrate on longer journeys"

“We also need to have someone stay to monitor the situation, we can't afford to lose even one of the apartments” Jeongyeon was playing with Nayeon's hair to keep busy.

The green-haired girl snapped her fingers "then I propose we go out in turns to make small expeditions and to make it fair"

The two wimps of the group, together with Tzuyu and Sana, had immediately started protesting and crying for fear under the disgusted gaze of the five bravest girls, who made an immense effort, especially Mina, not to start screaming in front of the their noses.







I apologize if there are any mistakes, I am really sick and it is not easy to translate even if I wrote everything👉🏼👈🏼

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