4. Division


"I absolutely don't want to look like an ingrate who only aims to save her own skin, but letting a person like me out would be tantamount to a human sacrifice. I'm shaking with fear even now and I'm sure I would never be able to remain lucid in front of one of those monsters" Momo had been the most opposed of all and was doing everything possible to assert her reasons.

The look Mina was giving her was anything but kind and sympathetic "so what would you like to do? Get us out and stay here safe while our group might lose people?"

"It's an objectively better idea than the one you want to implement because I know perfectly well that I can't be of any help"

"I think exactly like her, you all saw my pitiful performance just now" Jihyo had her cheeks reddened with shame and her gaze fixed on her clenched fists "I don't want to play the princess of the situation, I'm just saying that my presence could be one more reason for concern for those who will have to be next to me"

Chaeyoung had combed her green hair using a pencil "we are all afraid, but that doesn't give us any right to hide behind someone else's back. Personally, I'd rather die on an expedition than stay here thinking I won't be able to see any of you"

"I agree with her, I'm ing scared too and I won't deny that I almost got in my underwear when the zombie attacked me, but I won't let the brave ones do all the work because it wouldn't be fair at all" Jeongyeon was standing in front of the window, staring at a horizon that she struggled to recognize "we have to force ourselves or the chances of survival would drop to zero"

Tzuyu shyly intruded into the conversation, speaking in a low voice "before making a decision I have to inform you of my tendency to get hurt easily. I'm very clumsy and have delicate skin"

"Great, we have two wimps, an idiot who thinks only of her skincare and a porcelain doll" Mina rolled her eyes, more annoyed than ever "if you think you can escape you are very wrong. We are all on the same boat and, since we are in danger of sinking, we need the help of each of us to get rid of the excess weight"

"I'm not an idiot who only thinks about taking care of my skin and you should know this very well since we've been friends for many years" the pink-haired girl was visibly offended "this attitude of yours is making me jump on my nerves, try to get it right"

"It's not my problem, as far as I'm concerned you can get all nervous as you like"

Nayeon stood between them, gently pushing them away from each other "arguing won't help, we have to make a decision and organize a detailed plan to increase the chances of survival. Do you have any proposals?"

The only one who hadn't spoken yet and the one who could be defined as the strongest of the group had started writing their names on a sheet, tearing and crumpling the paper where there was the ink from the pen and leaving everything on the floor.

The others hadn't taken their eyes off her, too intrigued by what seemed like the typical drawing of lots that was done at school to choose who should be tested the next day.

"The first couple is formed by Nayeon and Momo"

The two girls who had been mentioned immediately looked at each other: the first seemed worried, the other was on the verge of a panic attack.

Dahyun paid no attention to it and continued her work "Chaeyoung and Jihyo are the second couple"

"But I'm scared of her" the brunette was forced to sniff to not to look pathetic again, but her tears were impossible to stop "she almost scares me more than zombies"

"Jeongyeon and I are the last couple, so the trio made up of Mina, Sana and Tzuyu remains" she had taken the sheet on which the places to visit were written "we also want to draw lots where we have to go or are we mature enough to choose with some logic?"

They sat down in a circle on the floor again, some looking down and some concentrating on their thoughts. The list of places where they could find something useful to continue living was quite long and certainly required the commitment of each of them.






"Jeong, were you able to find something useful? I only have my knife with sheath and a rolling pin" Nayeon had left the two objects on the table of her friend's apartment "tell me that at least in your home there is something useful, three out of nine armed people are too few"

The gray-haired girl was furiously rummaging inside an old trunk that she had hidden in the wardrobe "I found a couple of lighters and some deodorants that I've never used, they could be useful to set fire to those beings"

"As useful as having fire may be, it does not guarantee constant protection" she sat down on her friend's bed, crossing her legs and looking around "in your opinion we will be able to find a meeting point that can suit all of us? The air there is very tense and I fear that some of them could explode at any moment"

"If they're mature enough to understand the situation we're in, yes, and I'm sure we'll be able to agree in the best possible way" her hands were still busy looking for something useful "how do you feel? I see you're trying very hard to keep calm"

Nayeon let go of her body, lying down and looking at the countless cracks in the ceiling "I'm not worried, not for me at least. I feel that I could not bear to see you die and that I must do my best to protect you all"

"Nay, you don't have to put such a burden on your shoulders. I know how good you are and that's what I love about you, but by doing so you will lose your sanity and I can't allow it. You have to stay clear, there are only two of you who know how to use your brain correctly"

"Do you have such a low opinion of yourself and of others?" she smiled in amusement.

"Let's say that they have not given me the opportunity to understand what their potential is, you and Dahyun are objectively the best at managing things and we had a demonstration of it before. We cannot count on those who cry, complain or have fits of madness and in this discourse I also include myself"

The other girl's short hair was completely unkempt, but she didn't care in the slightest "if I didn't have someone to protect I think I would have enjoyed my last days doing stunts in the streets, but now my house is full of girls who stayed alone and I can't afford to be selfish. Some of them aren't even adults and that makes them little girls in my eyes"

Jeongyeon had joined her on the bed, assuming the same position as her "we are the oldest of the group, do you think it's up to us to take care of them?"

"It is not an obligation that has been imposed on us, but I would like to save everyone at any cost"

"I guess dying isn't an option, am I right?"

"Absolutely not, death is not contemplated in this rescue plan" her tired eyes were filled with determination "I hope we will be able to collaborate and trust each other in the shortest possible time, also because we don't have much available"

The other girl her side to hug her "I'm sure we'll make it, the only problems are Mina's sarcasm, Chaeyoung's psychopathy and the overwhelming fear of some of them. We have to find a way to tone down these things without having to bind and gag"

"It will be tough, especially later"

"Why? What happens next?"

"We have to decide who goes on an expedition tomorrow and, as you can see, nobody wants to do that"

Jeongyeon let out a long sigh "a long discussion awaits us, I'm exhausted just thinking about it"






"I noticed that you only use the katana with the blue handle, don't you like the other one?" Momo was filing her nails to keep herself occupied, mentally thanking Nayeon for lending it to her.

"I'm using my father's because it makes me feel stronger, the one with the white hilt is mine and I don't want to ruin it unless absolutely necessary" Dahyun's expressionless face made it impossible to understand what she was thinking.

"What is it like to kill a zombie?" Mina was leaning against the wall, with a worried look "I noticed that your impassivity falters every time you have to sink the blade"

The brunette didn't want to appear weak, but she liked the idea of lying even less "it's not easy to explain because there is the awareness of having to act in order to survive, but at the same time it feels like killing a person and it hurts quite a bit I feel like a killer"

Chaeyoung was looking at her with a calm that didn't seem like hers "I don't feel guilty for blowing some heads off, I had to do it to save my and that seems enough to me. Those beings are no longer human and it's certainly not our fault if the only way to save them is to kill their decaying body too"

"Did you shove the delicacy up your by any chance? It doesn't seem like the right way to respond to someone who is having a difficult time" Sana wanted to throw the table at her, but the awareness that she couldn't make too much noise made her give up immediately.

"I'm just being honest, if it doesn't suit you or you feel envious I can put something in your as-"

Jihyo had covered with both hands, holding back her tears as usual "we have to stop arguing about every single thing, we are sabotaging each other and we have to stick together"

"You're right, but now repeat it without crying" Mina just couldn't feel empathy for her and was unable to hold back a grimace every time she looked at her "you should use this determination to participate in our plan, you would be much more useful"

"Aren't you done arguing yet?" Jeongyeon had some things in her hands, including a large hammer "I haven't found much so we have to make do until we have real weapons"

Nayeon threw herself on the sofa, feeling too heavy "at this point, since we have plenty of food and water, the first stop should be the gun shop Chaeyoung mentioned. How far is it from here?"

"It should take about twenty minutes on foot" the green-haired girl was combing Tzuyu's hair very delicately "it's a bit hidden, but I know where it is and I can avoid wasting time. Moving in two is disadvantageous for the only fact that we won't be able to take many things but also considering the sports shop each of us will be able to have a weapon very soon"

Tzuyu loved getting attention from each of them, but at the same time she felt like a burden "there are no more knots, you can stop brushing my hair"

"I like doing it, it keeps my craziness at bay"

Mina immediately rolled her eyes "you're a beautiful couple, but it's not the time for flirting. My teeth are decaying with all this sweetness"

At that point one of her friends thought about teasing her "Minari is jealous because nobody can stand her bad temper, don't pay attention to her" what she said had no effect on the blonde, at least until Momo too had decided to join in that bickering.

They began arguing again under the disconsolate gaze of the quietest of the group, who immediately went and locked themselves in Nayeon's room so as not to hear that useless chatter. Jihyo had decided to stay hugged on a pillow, Tzuyu was staring at Dahyun while she was intent on looking out the window and the older ones of the group were deciding whether to spank all the litigants or whether to go to sleep to catch up on some sleep.

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