The White Snake and The Prince

The White Snake and The Prince

It wasn’t easy to understand. Humans aren’t easy to understand. They never were.

Jeonghan look at all these people. If he wasn’t enchanted to the bones, he would’ve been one of them. He would’ve never seen much more than what he knew right now. But he did, still does and hopefully never again.


“...and the immortal white snake is still living amongst us, alive, even though it has been hundreds of years already.”

“Oh, shut up. That’s the lamest legend I’ve ever heard.”

Jeonghan almost glared when he heard it but when he saw they were kids, he sighed and chose to walk away and enter a café.

“Jeonghan-ssi, it’s always nice seeing you. Let me guess, cup of milk and newly baked croissants?”

Jeonghan just nodded and the staff, whom he remembered was named Seokmin, hurried to get his order with a smile.


As he waits though, someone caught his attention. A tall guy went inside the said café and Jeonghan might not have any heart to beat but he did have the feeling.

“Until the next Samsara, My Angel.”

And everything was suddenly back on its place.


“Here is your warm cup of Milk and your newly baked strawberry filled croissant.”

But Seokmin received nothing. It was like Jeonghan didn’t see him coming nor he heard of him saying.

The gaze fixated to someone whom he knew too well. Mingyu. Who is now looking at Jeonghan with the same intensity.

“Oh, Mingyu-yah! Come here!”

And just like that, it was like a spell was broken. A guy from the other side of the café called the tall guy over and Seokmin made sure to curse whoever it was on his mind.

“Curse you Hoshi hyung. That looks like a movie scene, and you just ruined it.”

But he also took it as a chance to finally let Jeonghan know that his order is already done.

And he had no idea why suddenly he felt like Jeonghan is teary. He does not look at him straightly at spot, but he does sense a heavy feeling.


It was as if Jeonghan was a snowflake, ice cold and breaking.


“Hey Mingyu. Can I have a second with you?” Seokmin called his attention when they both sat down on Mingyu’s couch at his pad.

“Sure? What is it about?” The latter is facing his desktop trying to procrastinate his report.

“Tell me.” Seokmin made sure it sounded intimidating.

“Tell you what?” Mingyu didn’t even throw him a glance and fingers still busy tapping on his keys.

“Tell me about you and Jeonghan-ssi.”

“Jeonghan who?” This time though, the taller stopped his motions and gave a look at his cousin.

“Are you freaking serious right now?”

“I don’t have any idea who you’re talking about.”

“So, you just randomly step into our café and make

eye contact with random regulars and what?”

“Oh , were you talking about the shoulder length blond guy earlier?”

“You mean the most beautiful guy in town? Yep, I was talking about him.”

“Why’d you think we have something Seok? You’re hilarious.” Mingyu was back on his keys but is already smiling, jested.

“Then why’d you look at him like that?” Mingyu faced Seokmin and the latter tried to find any hints of proof to his suspicion.

“Well, as you said, he’s beautiful.”

Seokmin did try to believe his cousin on this one. Usually, Mingyu breaks eye contact first if he’s lying but Seokmin guessed he’s not.

“He looked at you earlier, he was looking at you like a ghost.”

Mingyu didn’t seemed to like the sound of it. He immediately raised a hand and was about to give him a light slap on his shoulder, but Seokmin was fast. “Yah. That’s not what I meant.”

“What do you mean then?”

Seokmin sighed. The heaviness he felt earlier was still lingering.

Eyes fixated at something that’s not specific, he spoke. “He was looking at you like he sees you again for the first time after a long time of not seeing you. He was even teary back there, I almost felt bad as If I felt him. He looks like breaking. Are you sure you don’t know him?”

Mingyu, though mouth agape, shakes his head on full honesty and Seokmin sighed.

“Why do you seem to care so much though? It’s not like you spend time together like friends or something.”

Seokmin frowned more and clutched a hair-full of his own and complained. “To be honest, I don’t know too. He’s just… sad.”

 >') ~~~

A ball was thrown in the air and Jeonghan didn't even bother to move even if it definitely will come and fall his way. Everyone was ready to scream their worries, but he was confident the ball will land just a few gaps away from him. People does not see what he sees. He knew how to seize direction, velocity and strength to the wind. He can see the ball is coming and he just know it won't land on him. So, he didn't move.

"ing exaggerated people. How could they not see it's too far from--


Jeonghan was startled when someone pulled him hard, and he just felt warm body against him.

Comes next was the annoying sound of the ball, bouncing like it's teasing him to the core. Pissing him off.

"What do you think you're doing? That ball will cause you concussion you know-- Jeonghan?"

This is what causes concussion. If this guy only knew what's it, he's done to Jeonghan, he might have let the ball hit the latter.

"What do you think you're doing? You'll hurt yourself."

Jeonghan shakes off his own flashbacks and realized how close they are. He pushed the taller away and tried to find his sense of direction.

"You must've been startled. I apologize --

But Mingyu stopped talking when Jeonghan turned to him, eyes dilated and widen.

"Min Kyu."

Mingyu heard him say. A thought that he must've tried to say his name correctly. How'd he knows my name? Seokmin must've said it.

"My name's Mingyu… it's nice to meet you by the way. This isn't really an ideal first meet."

He tried to smile but he failed as he realized how Jeonghan's lips quivered but he was trying so hard to stop it.

"A-are you okay? Did I hurt you in any way?"

A gulped. A breath. A calm.

"No. You never hurt me. I... I'll go now."

And just like that, Jeonghan turned away. But the clouds seemed to betray his playful fate. The thunder roared and as if on cue, the drops kept falling.

If he is to go now, he's probably going to get wet. So, he turned back around and was ready to walk past Mingyu but the rained poured heavy so both of them ran...

Mingyu was fast to grab him and was fast to open up his car and let both of them sit inside.

The moment Mingyu closed the car door on his side, it was when he realized he grabbed Jeonghan with him. Both of them panting but they were a bit soaked wet already. He had to take his shirt off and he notice Jeonghan's white polo soaked through as well.

Stunned, Mingyu did not speak for a moment and Jeonghan was totally absent minded right now.

"That tattoo. Where'd you get it?"

Jeonghan had to turn to him with wide eyes.
Mingyu is confused. Jeonghan is weird.

"D-did I say something wrong?"

Unsure of his actions, the taller tried to clarify.

"You can see the snake mark on my skin?"

"Y-you mean, you mean the snake tattoo on your neck, down your ears? That's sick. Must've hurt when you got them."

"They're not tattoos."

Mingyu's smile falter. His eyes leaned towards the tattoo more, wherein Jeonghan stayed still. Breathing. Aware.

"That's a soul mark"

"Eh? Soul mark? Is that even a thing?"

Mingyu was amused. He almost laughed a bit, but Jeonghan does not seemed tripping either.

"You know what, my place is just a few drives away from here. I just happened to stop by to pick up some supplies and I suddenly saw you ready to take that flying ball in. Are you alright? I mean, are you okay?"

"That ball wasn’t gonna hit me.”

"How'd you know that? I clearly saw it falling to your spot that's why I pulled you. Turns out we've seen each other before as well."

Mingyu said while he grabs two extra shirts from back of his seat.

"Here. Take this. You might catch some cold if you keep your shirt on. They're soaked."

Jeonghan look at him but he's busy changing shirts, so he didn't notice.





"So, the prince died but will reincarnate? That's dope ."

And Mingyu laughed. They ended up driving to his own pad and sheltered Jeonghan as the latter cannot yet go home because of the heavy rain. Turns out that there was a low pressure and molding to be a storm. They ended up talking about the famous story of the White Snake and the prince.

It's because Mingyu pester him about the snake tattoo on his neck, whom the latter would not acknowledge as soul mark. He finds it amusing though.

Jeonghan knows how people reacts. Most finds it amusing but clearly unbelieving. They treat it as legend. Not knowing that the white snake himself is just around. Jeonghan does feel sad about it. People does not know. They do not know and probably does not need to. There's no need to. 

"By the looks of it, you seemed to be very interested in the story itself. Do you really believe that was true?"

Jeonghan smiled. Of course, it was true. Oh, if only Mingyu know. 

"It was actually pretty different from the original story Mingyu." 

The latter smiled and was tempted to laugh at him, but Jeonghan look at him with those eyes again. Now that he got to see it, he can tell Jeonghan really is beautiful. Like a walking pearl. As if the cloud themselves cut a part and mold it to his size and gave life with the help of sunlight and freshness of the wind. Jeonghan is ethereal. 

"These new versions portray the prince as if he was a nuisance. As if he fell sick and went crazy. The prince climbed up to the forbidden mountain and when he came back, he fell sick, believed to be cursed by the white snake from the said mountain. Telling us that the prince died with the curse and will reincarnate."

Jeonghan gave a ridiculed laugh. He took a sip of the coffee Mingyu offered him when they ended up on his flat. 

"The truth is the prince was already dying before he went to the mountains. He had a rare sickness and was scared it would spread at the kingdom, so he ran away and went to the mountains and planned to die there. But the white snake saw him. "

The white snake who was watching him since forever, saw how good he is with his people and how great of a king he would be one day. The white snake took him in, sheltered him and cured his disease. The palace found out that the prince stayed in the mountains, and they took him back to the palace. Every once in a while, the human would go back to the mountains and make sure to make him feel as if he's the most special creature in the world. The prince knew his true form. Jeonghan's true human form. He'd only turn to white snake to disguise and cast his power. The prince did fell in love with his savior. They tried to stay together, close and smooth but the palace was a cruel place. The prince needed to marry someone who will bear his child and will be the future king of the kingdom. And who was Jeonghan, the white snake, to intervene? It was their Kingdom; it was their human rule. It was none of his business. Interfering with their lives will forsake the good reputation his beloved prince had bestowed the nation. They will turn their backs on him and might end him up into oblivion. 

The prince ends up marrying and having a child but still goes back to the mountain from time to time. Until one day, a group of Palace soldiers followed him by the instruction of his wife. 

They saw the crown prince sleeping in the middle of the woods, but it was too late for the white snake to hide. 

The soldier misunderstood. The snake wasn't there to harm their prince.  

Winged Snake sketch by Anuxinamoon on DeviantArt

The prince woke up by the noise of the said commotion and was shocked to see his men surrounding the white snake. The white serpent was looking at him. His enchanted body encircling around the tall dead tree. The prince sheathed his sword and pointed directly at the snake. It was not his intention to hurt the White Serpent. It was supposed to be a disguised and the serpent look at him understanding his act. 

The soldiers were so shocked to see that the white snake expanded and doubled in size. The white hues of mountain lights surrounding his milk body were brighter. The white serpent spent good seconds before he opened his mouth and attacked the prince. By the time Prince Min Kyu opened his eyes, he was horrified. His own sword struck the white snake directly on its heart. There were purple liquid gushing out the snake's body. With one look at his horrified eyes, the snake closed his orbs and a strong breeze of the wind shake their ground before the snake disappeared turned into a small white snake that was soon dead flat lying in the ground.

The Kingdom rejoiced because of how brave the prince slain the Serpent. After a few months, the prince died before his recognition of being the King. He died a prince with a broken heart. 

"In every Samsara, another prince is born. Goes by almost the same features, different name, different life status, and does not remember any of the said Past life. And the white Serpent who was alive all along, was just around, watching, from them being born to their deathbed. To their funeral. To their end. And the white serpent is still around after another Samsara. Another reincarnation and another death. The Serpent is immortal. Does not wish to let itself known and recognized. So, he hides and chose to stay away."

Mingyu look at Jeonghan, mouth agape. "Are you sure that's another version? Sounds like you've been there to witness all of it by the way you say it. I bet you write that up yourself.  And what's a Samsara?"

Jeonghan smiled flatly and answered. "It's century and a half. Every 150 years, another reincarnation."

Mingyu nodded his head, amazed by the sudden story telling. 

"You seemed to know a lot about this. Let's see, how many years has it been since the prince died?"

Mingyu was enjoying. Trying to make fun of it but keeping himself entertained. 

Jeonghan stayed solemn despite knowing Mingyu does not believe all of it. Who would, right?

"It has been 7 Samsara... when you die, then it'll be the 8th."

Mingyu's smile left his face. What the hell is Jeonghan talking about?

"Yah! What do you--

"The rain already stopped. Thank you for letting me stay. I'll go now Mingyu-ssi."

Jeonghan stood up and was fast to walk to his door. "And uh, don't be too bothered about the story. I made it all up."

He said before going out of the door and left Mingyu is disbelief. 

Mingyu ran after Jeonghan but by the time he went out of his door, Jeonghan is already out of sight.

Jeonghan felt his heart ache. His frustration builds up. Sure, he is already used to it, seeing the prince in different lifetime and dying just to reincarnate again, he got used to it. But this lifetime is a different case. For the first time in hundreds of years, he was able to touch his subject, he was able to look at him straight in the eyes, was able to talk to him and he was able to give him hints of their past life. Maybe this is nothing for Mingyu but for Jeonghan, this was everything he had been longing for. To be recognized. To be known, to be able to love his prince the way it should be. This was everything he ever wanted.

Jeonghan walks down the road not minding that the rain tempts to pour again. He lets it pour; he lets it touched his skin. He lets it covers his tears that has never been shed for the longest time. His heart hurts. The thought that Mingyu won’t even see this as reality hurts. The fact that it will probably send his supposed lover away hurts.

“Cruel. Too cruel…”


“Get back down here! You’ll hurt yourself!”

Mingyu saw Jeonghan trying to reach one of the fruits on the tree. He is stepping on a lowered branch and was adamant with his jumping attempts. The branch snapped and Mingyu was fast to run and catch Jeonghan but before he could do so, he saw someone already catch the long-haired male. Mingyu looks confused as he stared longer. A man as tall as him, grown as him, is holding Jeonghan. With traditional clothes and pony tailed hair with golden tie and palace marked embroidered dress, Mingyu recognized the man.

“That’s me.”

Hoshi was a bit bothered. He looks at his best friend with worry. He had been so out since this morning. Hoshi wondered what happened. He took the said friend to the café where Seokmin works and smiled widely when he saw his favorite and secret crush that is one of the staff.

“Hello there Jihoonie. “

Hoshi as always earned the rolled eyes. “What is it this time?”

Hoshi smiled and threw a sigh before he recites his order. Jihoon on the other hand notice the mood. Hoshi is usually happy and cheery and a pain in the . Right now, he seems normal and that’s not normal at all.

“What’s gotten with you today? You seemed weird.”

Hoshi smiled while Jihoon punches his order on the counter. “Aww... you know me too well.”

“I shouldn’t have asked.”

Hoshi flattened his lips in line and contemplated before he spills his worry. “Well… Mingyu is making me worried.”

“Why? Is your boyfriend in trouble? Did he rob a bank, or did he steal some chocolates?”

Hoshi opened his mouth and expressed offended. “First of all, Mingyu will never be my boyfriend. Second, he would never rob a bank. Mingyu is rich as and no he would never steal a chocolate. He steals from my fridge but that doesn’t count.”

“Then what Is it?”

Hoshi’s eyes were again drawn to Mingyu who is now checking on his phone.

“He’s just disturbed. Like, it hasn’t been confirmed that he starts to remember his memories after the accident, but I’m just worried he’d be stressed about it. Like, you know how traumatic it was.  Both his parents died in the accident, and he lost his memories so. “

Jihoon nodded. “Or maybe…” He gave Hoshi his change. “…maybe you’re just overreacting.”


Mingyu called as ran to the latter. Hoshi brought him to the café, and they learned that it was Seokmin’s day off.

“Hey buddy. What’s the matter? You, okay? You look like .”

Mingyu snorts. “Wow, thanks. Such a compliment.” Seokmin laughed victorious against the sarcasm. “What happened? You miss me that much?” Mingyu was definitely not having it with his cousin. But he looks around and sighed. “Do you know where Jeonghan lives?”

“Woah, woah… did I hear it right? You’re looking for Jeonghan? Since when did the two of you got close and you’re now looking for his house. Are you gonna ask him out? Oh my –

“Shut up. Just tell me where he lives. I just need to ask him something.”

Seokmin was clearly upset. No not really, he’s just being dramatic. He just wants tea, that’s all. But when he was about to answer Mingyu’s question for real, he noticed something. “Since when did you get a tattoo? Wait, this doesn’t look like a tattoo? This looks like a burnt skin –

“That’s actually why I have to find him. I want to ask him about this. I just woke up this morning with this reddish mark and I recognized it was the same as his tattoo on his nape.”

Seokmin was even more confused. How is it possible to have this kind of mark in the body from nothing? And what does Jeonghan had to do with this? Also, since when did Jeonghan got a tattoo? On his nape? Seokmin never notice that even before.

“But Jeonghan doesn’t have any tattoo on his nape Mingyu. What are you talking about?”

Mingyu opens his mouth to speak but he remembered something Jeonghan said. "That's a soul mark"


Seokmin heard the stress on Mingyu’s voice and was suddenly worried. “Hey, seriously Mingyu, are you alright?”

Mingyu his head ached. The past few days were blurry. He wakes up every night from his dreams. He dreams of the white serpent and the prince. He sees things as if he was there. As if he was part of the settings, of the events, of the dream itself. Jeonghan was there, he was the serpent. Mingyu witnessed the prince and his love for the serpent. Mingyu witnessed all of it in his dreams. Including the death of the prince. He also dreams of other events such as war and how he was part of it. He dreams of different version of himself, dying and another life again… just like what Jeonghan describes.

At first, he didn’t think about it that much. But it was getting frequent. It has been a week already and never once he saw Jeonghan’s physical self. All his dreams were vivid. Until this morning. He decided he’d visit his psychiatrist for a session of therapy but before he could even start his bath, he noticed something as he looks at himself in the mirror. He thought it was just morning blur but there was really a snake mark on his skin. He tried rubbing it hard, but it won’t come off. He tried washing it with soap but it’s still there.



“Ok. Creepy.”

Seokmin said as he and Hoshi walked Mingyu to Jeonghan’s apartment. He told them about Jeonghan’s version of the supposed legend and told them about everything that’s happened to him in a week.

“Uhm… guys?”

They arrived. They arrived at the said unit, but it was closed and had a signage in the left side of the wall. VACANT. AVAILABLE FOR RENT.

“What? No . Where’d he gone? I need to find him!”

Mingyu was in distress. For a moment, Seokmin and Hoshi couldn’t process what was happening. Until an elderly woman walked pass them. “Who are you guys looking for?” The three of them look back and saw the said ahjumma with market plastics. “Hello there. When did Jeonghan transferred? We’re thinking of paying a visit but didn’t know he’s not here anymore.”

Seokmin was the one to speak politely.

“Oh, you mean the pretty guy? To be really honest, we’re also surprised. He never told us where he’d transfer but said he was asking about nearest island here. He looks interested.”

The seashore was calm, no big waves and no unnecessary noise from the city. As he opens his eyes, the beautiful white sand was all he sees. The island wasn’t crowded nor was it even over occupied. It has the perfect distance from the mainland, and he can just pay boatmen to buy his needed supply from the city.

It has been a month already and Jeonghan, for the first time, wished he wasn’t immortal anymore. Immortality is a curse. For the first time in his own lifetime, he hated being his own being. He hated having to walk away from the man he loves.

The possibility of Mingyu and Jeonghan in this lifetime will only bring pain as he never gets old, and he never dies. This is curse Jeonghan never questioned. But a mortal came to his life. Broke his own wall and was free to roam around his heart.

The sun is already setting and Jeonghan hates how this means another day is coming but all of a sudden, a knock on his door was heard. Jeonghan immediately stopped from walking back to his room. Cautious, he walks to his door and opened it, thinking it was one of the boatmen he tasks to carry supplies for him.

“What’s the matter?”

Jeonghan casually asked, but the face he saw is nothing to whatever he had expected.

“There you are.”

Jeonghan stopped breathing for a moment.





A big hug, warm embrace welcomed Jeonghan despite being the one opening his home door. He forgot to speak and could not believe who just found him.

“I’ve been looking for you! I tried contacting and see if you made any social accounts just like the humans, I figured you didn’t when I really can’t find you. I had to literally swim from America just to find you here.”

Jeonghan still could not believe who just came for a visit.

“Hey. You might wanna say hi to your dearest twin brother…”

Jeonghan’s lips quivered. For the second time, this time he initiated another embrace and literally cried. “Shua… “And Jeonghan cried.

Joshua sighed. The reason why he came to find Jeonghan is because he can sense his sadness. Unlike Jeonghan who is a serpent with hidden wings, Joshua is a water snake, colored in black when transformed. The twins had been living separately since Joshua decided to travel the world while Jeonghan only travels to places where his prince reincarnates. He remembered seeing a version of Mingyu as an American migrant and he stayed at the said country until the said Mingyu got married and he had to watch every version of Mingyu fall in love with another people.

Jeonghan cried hard. “It hurts. So damn much. I don’t want this anymore Shua…”

Joshua sighed. But he pushes his brother a bit to have a breather and lets him calm down.

“I have to show you something. Sssshhh… don’t cry now. Everything will be alright.”

For moment, Jeonghan believed the world alright. As if it really will be.


Mingyu is restless. He can’t seem to find Jeonghan anywhere. He tried calling him using the number the landlord gave them as Mingyu literally begs. Mingyu touches his nape where the red mark gets darker and darker every day. It makes It more difficult to explain to other people, so he just lets them say whatever they say. Mingyu remembers his memories from the car crash and was very sad with the loss he had. Together with his best friend and his cousin, they accompany him to go to his therapist every session but what makes it weird is that Mingyu is more bothered about his previous lives dream. Sure, he felt sad for his loss and family but that was it, all he could do is be sad, accept and move on. This thing on his sleep however is bothering him, his brain, his mind and his heart. His heart hurts with the thought of Jeonghan and his absence and that makes him think he’s going crazy.

“Is that it? Do you think it’s true?”

Mingyu’s Psychiatrist, Vernon, asked him. The latter gave a stern look and felt uneasy. But at the same time, comfortable. He knows that Vernon listens well and has always been a great person to talk to about his mental being.

“Of course, not…” He sighed.

“You see Mingyu, it’s not impossible.” Vernon smiled as he speaks.

Mingyu’s face was confused. Did he really say that? He watched as Vernon walked up to the door and locked it. It made Mingyu more confused. Vernon then sat on his usual spot, which is in front of Mingyu. “We’ve known each other since kids. We may not be the best of friends but we’re still close, like a distant family.”

Vernon started. Mingyu nodded, he didn’t forget this part, his retrograde amnesia was just about a few months before the tragedy. He doesn’t have any idea where Vernon is going though.

“I remember my grandmother. I always thought that she was just telling us random stories. But no, she was actually telling us her life back being an immortal being.”

Mingyu thought he heard it wrong. “No, you heard it right. Just right. My grandmother is a celestial being Mingyu. She was one of those who were born with the gift of stars. Just like Jeonghan.”

Mingyu felt his head hurts more. He wants to think this is some kind of prank and Vernon is just randomly telling him unbelievable story. But Vernon pulls out a photo of his grandmother from one of the albums under his table.

He smiled as he flicks pictures and when he saw what he was looking for, he smiled wider and pulled it out from the binder.

“That’s my grandparents. You see the eagle mark from her wrist? Here…”

He gave another picture and showed another one but this time it was a man. “Grandpa had the same on his wrist. Same color with yours. Grandpa is a reincarnation of my grandmother’s lover. It took her 13 Samsara before my grandfather recognized her and fell in love with her. He also found out about her because of his mark. The day they met and first time they touched, grandpa said that’s the time the mark showed up and he keeps dreaming about his past lives until he sees grandma’s celestial form.”

Mingyu’s hands were shaking as he looks at the photo Vernon showed him. It’s hard to believe but it shows the exact same thing he have right now. A red mark, shaped and burned to his skin. “Grandpa told us that my grandmother never had an idea about his mark. She was unaware. She didn’t know that the mark would appear once she talks to him and touch him. She was also surprised and definitely didn’t have any idea.”

‘Does that mean Jeonghan don’t know too?’

He stared at Vernon who gave him a flat smile. “That’s our family’s secret Mingyu. And if you’re still thinking that this is a lie, please look at this.”

Vernon showed his necklace. It was a green jade inside a secured pendant. “This is a family heirloom. The jade used was from 800 years ago. You can ask Sofia, my sister about this and her necklace too.” Vernon barely drags his sisters name unless it is a big thing.

“Ok…” He breathed. Maybe this is all true, this is so ing true, he already has the evidence on his hands, but there is but only one flaw. Mingyu thinks a loose part on Vernon’s words.

“So… you’re telling me that your grandmother is an immortal being. Why’d she aged and where is she now? She should still be alive, right? Right?”

Mingyu thought that was it, that finally he could say this was actually nothing. Vernon nodded and smiled.

“She was. She was immortal but when grandpa confessed that he remembered everything and fell in love with her all over again, she decided to give up her immortality. She gave the stars its power back by sacrificing her memories. Good thing was my grandmom loves to write diaries and she has a whole book of memories written for herself. As if she knew she’d forget them one day.”

Mingyu was dumbfounded. “Are you ing kidding me?”

Vernon laughed lightly. “That’s why papa studied psychology Mingyu, he wants to understand the power of memories and he was amazed how heart and brain coordinates. I continued his path.”

 >') ~~~

“What do you mean I have to give up my memories? How the hell would I remember you?”

Jeonghan asked as he stood up surprise from what his twin brother told him. Joshua had been searching answers as he travels around the world. From the most recent years he travelled China, he met another siblings Dino and Hao who were also Celestial beings. One of them gave up their memories first and by the time Joshua was with them, Dino was the one helping Hao to remember who he is and what he gave up his memory for. It was a guy named Jun a man he met in this lifetime and loved him despite knowing what he is.

“We can do the same Jeonghan, I know... this is tiring and painful and I wanna help you end it too. But do you really wanna forget everything including your great love?” Jeonghan frowned and sighed. “I met him.”

Joshua’s face changed to confusion. In a sense that he needs to add more, Jeonghan look at his brother. “I met him, and I talked to him.”

Joshua was in awe. His mouth agape as he looks at his brother.  “This would have been easier if I wasn’t able to talk to him and just like previous past lives, but it’s different now Shua… All the longing I felt for those years, it was as if I was reborn and was given another life. His memories, it’s everything I have.”

Joshua felt pain in his chest. The sadness in his brother’s eyes is something he wants to take away. There is no assurance of Mingyu and Jeonghan in this lifetime. So, this is not really about them, it will be giving Jeonghan a chance to live normally and experience being normal. But this also means that he has to let Mingyu go. His Mingyu, his greatest love, his greatest memory.

To feel pain was better than nothing at all, just like the song.

Jeonghan look a mile away, across the ocean, he closes his eyes and cried as he reminisces. Is he ready to finally let go of his pain and greatest love?

 >') ~~~

3 Months later

Mingyu never not attend Vernon’s sessions with Vernon. As days goes by, his longing for Jeonghan broaden. He denies the feelings at first, but it grew in him. He may have only talked to Jeonghan for a day, and he might have seen him twice only, but he cannot stop his feelings.  It was as if his past self is overtaking his own body but no. That was still him, he just remembered and recognized his own feelings towards Jeonghan. He had been searching for Jeonghan for the past 2 months. But there was never a sign that he is still around.

Mingyu has never been in love in love in this lifetime before Jeonghan came, but now that he finally remembers, Jeonghan is already gone.

“Excuse me? Can I ask you something? I’m kind of lost –

Mingyu almost stopped breathing. It may have been once but Jeonghan’s voice echoes in his whole being.


He cut the said person off, but Jeonghan only look at him baffled. “I’m sorry, how’d you know my name? Do I know you?”

Mingyu felt like he had been showered with a bucket of iced water.

“Jeonghan. It’s me, Mingyu. Your Mingyu… Don’t you remember?”

Jeonghan was scared he can see that by the way he looks at him confused and took a small step back away from Mingyu.

“I’m sorry but I don’t remember you. I’m actually just new here and I’m looking for my brother, I lost him earlier.”

Realization came rushing like a ing train.

“You sacrificed your memory? That means you’re not immortal anymore?”

Mingyu questioned and Jeonghan again look at him very much confused this time.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re on, but I’ll be on my way. I’ll just ask other people. Sorry for bothering.” Jeonghan said while he slowly walks away and ran. Mingyu was too stunned to even move. What the did just happen?


Mingyu look back only to see another guy almost at Jeonghan’s height running towards Jeonghan’s way, but Mingyu moved this time. “Hey you! The guy on blue! The one calling Jeonghan! Hey! I need to ask you something.”

He shouts as he ran after the guy. The said guy on blue halted. The moment he looks back, Joshua wasn’t really ready to see who it was.


Mingyu halted and this time, he’s the one to question how this guy knew his name?

But before Mingyu could even speak out, he watched as Joshua had his own moment of realization.

“Oh . Oh, ing … you talked to Jeonghan? Did he recognize you? What’d he says?”

Mingyu is still lost but tries to process. He answered.

“He doesn’t remember me anymore. He ran off, scared. He really doesn’t remember me.” Mingyu felt like crying. Hurt and in pain. “Did he know I remembered him before he sacrifices his memory?”

“How’d you know he sacrificed his memories? Mingyu what do you know?”

“I just… please tell me, does he know?”

Joshua shakes his head, “We have no idea Mingyu. Jeonghan didn’t know.”

Mingyu and Joshua was covered in total silence, mixed with the sound of chirping birds and faint sounds from the cars passing by a few meters away.

“Shua! There you are –

Both of them were startled when they heard someone – Jeonghan who was looking for his brother.



They both said at the same time. Joshua can feel his head aching and Mingyu felt his own body move. There it is. There was the feeling he never thought he’d feel one day. Mingyu was literally clueless of what was about to come to his life. He was definitely unaware of how changes Jeonghan could bring with just a day of interaction. This was supposed to be Jeonghan’s position. A few months ago, it was him who do not remember Jeonghan, it was him that was kept in the dept of oblivion but now, it was never the same, he remembered just when he forgets.

Mingyu stepped forward towards Jeonghan, careful and crying…

“Don’t you really…” Mingyu shattered as he speaks. “…remember me?”

Jeonghan looked up at him, confused and still lost of what the hell is happening. Who is this guy? What the hell does he want? Does Shua know him?

Jeonghan looked at his brother.

“Shua… who is he?”

Mingyu tears into million pieces.




“I’m just doing this for his own being Mingyu. I love my brother.”

“I love him too.”

The whole room went quiet. Joshua knows just how true that is. Of all people, he is the only one who can validate the feelings involved. Since Jeonghan gave up his memory and the ocean took it away up to the stars above, Joshua made a decision he thought will be the best. He never told Jeonghan about Mingyu. He never lets him remember any hints of his painful memory. Instead, Joshua told Jeonghan that he got into a terrible accident and woke up only to remember nothing. Surprisingly, Jeonghan never question. It was like he knows Joshua by heart. It was all that matters. Joshua knows it will take a lot of time before he could sacrifice his own memory since it will take some time for Jeonghan to fully adjust to his new lifetime. Joshua wants to make sure that his twin is settled first before he follows path.

Earlier, they were on their way to the airport already. Was about to have their own flight to America but Jeonghan who was unfamiliar to the place got lost and they didn’t catch the flight on time, and they bumped to Mingyu.

Joshua knows it’s no use hiding anymore. Mingyu must know. Jeonghan had every right to know.

Jeonghan sleeps tightly, tangled in his bed. He felt drained after they came back to the house, and he felt asleep. Mingyu sat beside him while Joshua contemplates for his decision.

“Are you sure about this?”

 Joshua asked for the last time. Jeonghan stared at him and nodded. With nothing to stop them, Joshua pours opens his palm as he chants some spells Dino taught him while he was in China.

What Joshua didn’t know Jeonghan was up to something.

Mingyu fixed the blanket for the long-haired mortal. He was just silently watching him and hopes that as he wakes up, he’d remember. He’d finally remember Mingyu. As he sat down, his eyes wander around and he found a painting hang prettily together with house plants. It was a painting of a snake with wings, it was Jeonghan’s celestial form. Beside was a body of another serpent, dark and scaled with gills. By the looks of it, Jeonghan painted it. Mingyu was amazed and in awe. His lover is not only beautiful, but he was also very much gifted. He does arts and he is an art himself.

Joshua sighed as he pours the tea on the crystal lined cup. He sat down and felt the warm on his hands. He decided he’d tell Jeonghan everything but not at once. He decided they’d stay and let Mingyu make it happen. He will let the faith this time. He will give them a chance and decided to stop putting matters into his hands.

As he was about to sip on his tea, he heard a loud noise from Jeonghan’s room. Sound of things falling and breaking. Into his panic, he attempted to run but the teacup fell and breaks at his feet. Joshua felt the hot substance on his skin, burning hot.

Everything was a blur to him as he picked up the broken teacup. “Ah!”

He hissed as he felt a cut on his finger. Irritated, he looks at his pointing finger and was surprised to see the red liquid. When a drop fell, that’s when he finally realizes what was happening.

Jeonghan and Joshua never bled. If they cut their skin, it will just automatically heal itself. Teary eyed, Joshua stood up and he can feel his heart thumping very loud. He’s nervous and definitely felt like everything just happened was a dream.



Jeonghan called again.

As he looks up, he saw Mingyu at the last step of the stairs and Jeonghan is calling him while he was holding Mingyu’s hand. He lets go and ran to his twin brother.

“Hannie. What the hell is happening?”

“It worked! Jisoo, it worked!”

For the first time in hundred years, Jeonghan calls him with his true name. His born name. Confused and lost, Joshua looks at his brother’s eyes and was trying to understand.

“Mingyu did it, he broke the curse.”

Mingyu tried to reach for the painting as it was hanged up pretty high. He just wants to check on it. As he does so, his feet slid, and he fell on the floor with the painting on his grasp. “ing clumsy Mingyu.” He said to himself.

When he stood up and made sure he didn’t wake Jeonghan up, Mingyu sighed in relief.

When he sat down and decided to continue checking the painting for more details, his eyes caught writing at the back of the canvass.

At first, he thought it was just a normal signature, it wasn’t.

Διαβάστε τις θεραπευτικές λέξεις. Σπάστε την κατάρα του τραυματισμού. Απελευθερώστε αυτούς που το δημιουργούν και ο ουρανός θα γίνει μάρτυρας των υποσχέσεών του.

Mingyu was in no way to understand it. He fished the phone out of his pocket and took a picture of what he saw. He reads the translation and was even more curious when he got it.

“Read the healing words. Break the curse of injury. Release those who create it and heaven will witness its promises.”

Mingyu reads it again and again. Trying to understand. Until he tries to recite it the way it should literally supposed to be read.

“Διαβάστε τις θεραπευτικές λέξεις. Σπάστε την κατάρα του τραυματισμού. Απελευθερώστε αυτούς που το δημιουργούν και ο ουρανός θα γίνει μάρτυρας των υποσχέσεών του.”

He waited for something to happen, but nothing did. Mingyu wants to laugh at his own craziness.

Until after a dew seconds, he felt the painting shaking and it fell down to the floor. Mingyu almost shouts when the snake from the painting arises from the broken frames, and he saw the black serpent arising as well. He fell back to his feet and sticks to his ground, and it caused some for the furniture to fall. The white and the black serpents arises in the air and Mingyu saw Jeonghan’s body rising from the bed. As Mingyu tries to stand up it was when the two serpents look at him.

All Mingyu could remember was the image of the snakes entering his red mark.

Joshua looks at Mingyu and he noticed the red mark finally became a black one. It finally became a soul mark.


He asked as he look back at his brother and their tangled hands.

Jeonghan smiled and sighed. “I offered my life as a sacrifice. When you chanted the spell. I asked the stars to give me a chance. They speak to me and give me one. They gave me. Mingyu should break the curse by reading the spell and I will live. If he wouldn’t be able to, then it means I will die in the next eclipse.”

“Are you crazy?! The eclipse will happen tomorrow! What if Mingyu wasn’t able to read it?! Did you even think about me at all?”

It broke Jeonghan apart, seeing his twin like this. “I know, and I’m sorry for that. I just… I just know he will be able to do it.”

Maybe Jeonghan didn’t really know, and he was in great desperation. Or maybe… it was bound to happen. Joshua doesn’t know what to feel. All he knows is that Jeonghan is still here, and they are still together. Jeonghan smiled and shed a tear before embracing his brother with full warm and newfound mortality. When they break, Joshua looks beside him, Mingyu’s direction. It was a cue, after all, this is everything they have always wanted.

Jeonghan felt his heart being tugged at his side. When Joshua lets him go, he ran fast to Mingyu, and the latter was fast to catch him. Both legs tangled on his torso, Mingyu lift him light and embraced him for dear life.

“You did it Mingyu… you did it.”

Mingyu on the other hand didn’t speak. He just embraced him tight and cried silently in his skin.

Joshua smiled. He watched as their claimed memories lingered to their touch and witnessed how the soul mark glowed the brightest in their skin.

He gives his silence thanks to heaven.

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