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The story of Choi Minho, a scholarly traveler who is used to fleeting encounters, and Taemin, a nomadic warrior who can't lose anyone else.

“I don’t just want to see you from afar.”
“You don’t have to fight me to see me up close.”


Based on Prompt #77 of the summerof5hinee fanfic fest on Twitter
"There was a point where we needed to stop and we have clearly passed it, but let's keep going and see what happens." -from a meme

It ended up being quite the serious fic for being based on a meme... To the person who has submitted the prompt: thank you for inspiring this story! I hope you (and everyone else) like it.

Just a head's up:
In this story, Taemin is quite a bit smaller than he is in reality and Minho is slightly taller.
you can imagine the top of Taemin's head just so reaching Minho's shoulder.
In numbers: Taemin at ~160cm/ 5.2ft and Minho at ~185cm/6ft



Here a map that might help with orientation... or not? idk This is my first take at a proper fantasy fic so please be nice >< <3




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