it’s cuffing szn !! open to kiss a baby under the mistletoe


let's get freaky 

tldr: sub lf dom bf for snow day cuddles 


so you clicked this ૮ ˶´ ᵕˋ ˶ა (mdni) 

about me: a little sub boy trying to get his hand held and cheeks clapped. lf a couple kind of relationship, cute goodmorning texts, send each other funny tiktok's or random spams, matching bios and icons. besides that id also like a partner, hard kinks are also ok here. i'm of age, minus timezone, super gay, waiting for you rn. id prefer casual chatting with , plotting is hard on the brain but i'll do it for you, replies will be slower though. 

kinks: seeing you smile is my number one kink ♡. besides that there's also body worshipping, muscles, size difference, facials, choking, spitting, cnc, humiliation, power play, stalking, warming, lots of others

limits are blood, vomit, and gun/knife play. 

fcs are pretty random, any cute boy tbh and open for suggestions. some fcs i tend to go back to are enhypen's sunoo, cix's hyunsuk, tbz chanhee and wayv's winwin. you can face chase me, let's match icons. 

dm with your discord tag and i'll run to your arms asap. ♡

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