i’m lonely and so are you


looking for friends... or more, we will see. pls send love.


not only am i lonely but also bored, so here’s a little info about me:

  • i don’t really rp nor am i into kpop anymore, not really looking for people to plot with.
  • gmt plus. ed up sleeping schedule; time is but a concept.
  • oa. n/sfw so minors dni, i like cuffs but not that kind.
  • exploring my uality, anything goes.
  • no fcs, just anime and/or random icons.
  • games i play are genshin (ar 59, c6 haver), fall guys, overcooked 2, nintendo switch games, etc. wanna play other games? i’m down.
  • wanna flirt and all that jazz? please, i am in need of love.
  • my likes consist of vtubers, fps games, spicy foods, horror movies, cats, marvel, and anything creepy.
  • hobbies include annoying you with memes, telling you how i saw the tiktok you sent me on instagram, and watching anime without subs because i understand japanese.

comment down below or pm me your dc tag if you’re somehow interested and i haven’t bored you yet.
see you.


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hey, wuv! my dc tag is coco#6913 𓏲 ࣪₊♡𓂃
dc is love4eva#1494 😳
hi! i'm terribly unoriginal, i know. ashura#3811 is moi. 🫣
angelkithes #5
you sold me at genshin and flirting. also, i'm a little shy at dropping my dc tag in public, but hi.
hiya! sango pearl#7147