Stale Cupcakes

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A/N: this is my favorite chapter btw!!! bcs it involves acnh (i don't even have the game . new leaf supremacy) and plushies >:) some of y'all prolly don't care, but Stale Cupcakes is julian's song (in new leaf at least) and goodness the comments under That youtube video dude.. i also have a draft w the same title but it's hyewon and angsty. i'll never publish it, i think.


anyway, hope you guys enjoy this chapter !! :]






Hyeju's a very vocal baby at 6 months. She babbles and coos every few minutes as her little tummy time toys keep her entertained. Hyeju spews out "ba-ba" and "da-da" a lot now. (Bbbrrr-ah?) She's even learnt to support herself when sitting or attempting to stand up! Seeing her now, it feels weird knowing it's already been half a year since she entered the world.


Jinsol and Hyeju are in the living room, with Jinsol playing Animal Crossing and showing her screen on the TV. Hyeju flipped herself over, looking at the bright screen displaying Jinsol's character interacting with a character named "Wolfgang".


"Do you like him?" Jinsol asks as she reads out the wolf's dialogue. Hyeju squeals when she sees Wolfgang giving a happy emote. "Oh, you really, really like him!" She laughs as she watches Hyeju wriggle her little arms around in excitement.


Haseul walks in the living room to see Jinsol (who's now on the ground with their baby on her lap) letting Hyeju tap buttons on her little controller. "Good morning," She greets the two whilst rubbing at her heavy eyelids.


Jinsol gives a toothy grin up at Haseul. "It's 3 in the afternoon.." She plants a soft kiss on her wife's cheek when she comes sitting next to them. "But, okay. Good morning, baby."


Hyeju coos, not even acknowledging her other mother. She's too preoccupied with the animals speaking animalese on the screen.


"She's talkative today, huh?" Haseul affectionately pats Hyeju's head. They've gradually started to let Hyeju not wear her lil beanie and mittens on some days. Haseul's very happy to say that Hyeju's learnt to avoid tugging her hair. "I get it that she must love that wolf?" She gestures to the TV screen.


Jinsol eagerly nods. "Yeah! She seems to love him." She scrunches up her nose as she pinches Hyeju's cheeks. "Joojoo loves wolves, don't you? Our little ah-neuk." Hyeju's doe eyes look up at her mother's baby-talking. She gurgles in response, mustering an awkward toothless smile back.


Haseul laughs when Hyeju manages to make a spit bubble. She taps on her little nose. "You're so cute. You don't even understand, Jyu." The latter only gurgles and makes a few grabby hand gestures at Haseul. Swiftly picking up Hyeju, Haseul peppers the baby's face with kisses.


Hyeju's a er for affection. (Wonder who she got it from..) And so, when her mother gives her an onslaught of kisses, she loudly giggles in genuine happiness. Jinsol watches, but can't help herself. Hyeju gets bombarded with loving kisses on her chubby face by her two mothers.


The living room quickly gets filled with laughter and cooing.




Haseul mindlessly scrolls through her Twitter timeline, liking whatever tweet she found funny enough. Jinsol was in the kitchen cooking up dinner and warming up Hyeju's porridge. All sorts of cluttering could be heard, but it was normal whenever her wife was in charge of cooking.


The first time she ever let Jinsol into the kitchen to cook, Haseul came running in when she heard noises that were questionable enough to her. She wishes she could've taken a photo of Jinsol's face that day. 


("Cho Haseul, don't scare me like that!" Jinsol screeches as she coughs from the flour she accidentally threw up in the air out of pure shock.)

(Haseul struggles to bite back her smile at the loose threat, but she bursts out in laughter at the sight her girlfriend absolutely covered in white powder.)


Haseul spots a familiar set of characters through her timeline. She reads expands the tweet. It's a promoted tweet from @buildabear.


"Create a world of your own alongside our Animal Crossing™: New Horizons friends! Available online and in stores now!"


As she taps on the photo, she spots a familiar blue wolf. "Oh, hey! The one Hyeju likes is available.." Haseul thinks out loud. Her wife hears it, and pokes her head out to look over her.


"What'd you say?" Jinsol quirks an eyebrow at Haseul with a slight head tilt to add.


"Ah.." Haseul shows an apologetic smile. She jumps onto her feet to show her phone screen to Jinsol. Her wife shows an immediate reaction at the photo of plushies. "Look. It wouldn't hurt to go visit build-a-bear with Hyeju, right?"


Jinsol's smiling so wide, it looks like it must hurt her cheeks. Haseul feels herself puff up, feeling proud that she's done something good for their little family. "Seulie, that's a great idea!" Jinsol giggles as she furiously flaps her hands in excitement.


Haseul scrunches up her nose as she gets a handful of appreciative kisses on the lips. But before it could get any better, Hyeju's crying starts ringing throughout their halls. Haseul releases a soft whine when Jinsol pulls away.


"Go get Hyeju, will you?" Jinsol softly pats Haseul's cheek as she brushes their noses together for a second. Haseul nods, turning her heel to go fetch Hyeju in her room.



"Thank you." Haseul thanks the worker as she takes the newly-stuffed wolf plush from the woman. Yes, she went through the whole build-a-bear process—plucked out one of the empty bases, her and Jinsol recorded a message for Hyeju, went over to the stuffing machine to stuff the plush with "warm wishes", did the whole thing with the heart for the to be wolf's as warm, smart, loving, totally awesome as their Hyeju.


Though somewhere along the way, Hyeju started getting fussy so Jinsol had to head out a bit. Haseul frowns but continues nonetheless. Jinsol flashes an apologetic smile before she wanders off to feed Hyeju. And so, Haseul's left with the work of having to dress the plush and the big responsibility of naming the wolf other than the typical Wolfgang.


Once she caught sight of her two girls, she happily skips over towards Jinsol and Hyeju. "Jyujyu, lookie!" She lightly shakes the plush in hand.


Hyeju loudly babbles in excitement. She launches forward to the plush, making grabby hands. Her mothers emit shocked gasps. Jinsol's instincts quickly catches Hyeju. "Ah, Hyeju, be careful. You could've fell."


The six-month-old very much ignores her mom's words and starts to pout at her mama because of the protective hold Jinsol's got on her. Her bottom lip juts out and quivers.


Haseul's quick to spring into action. She hands the wolf plush over to Hyeju, earning an over-enthusiastic baby in return. Hyeju engulfs the plush in a tight hug. The two mothers' chest fill with warmth at the happy baby.


"I told you it'd be a great idea." Jinsol chirps in whilst they're eating in the food court. Hyeju's currently knocked out cold in her stroller. She fondly smiles at the plush still in a loose hug with her baby.


Haseul looks surprised at the sudden small talk. She looks up at Jinsol with filled cheeks and holds up a hand to signal she needed a moment to swallow down her food. Heaving a sigh of relief after she took a big gulp of cola, Haseul sheepishly smiles at her wife. "I'm happy Hye liked it."


"Are you kidding? She loved it!" Jinsol heartily laughs, popping a few fries in . "What'd you name him?"




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