I Always, For You

Step by Step

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Little Hyeju's hit the eight months mark. She's gotten much more pleasantly plump, her mothers have yet to process how much she's grown thus far. What's more shocking is how much of a speed demon she is at crawling around the house and somehow getting her grabby hands on some unknown object and sticking it in out of curiosity. Jinsol had wondered just where did their baby pick up such traits. Then, she remembers Haseul's history of being a jock in high school and the stories her own mother has told her when she was Hyeju's age, yeah, it checks out.


Haseul's on baby duty today. Hyeju's in her crib, taking her second nap of the day whilst her mother's dozing off on the rocking chair. Without a fuss, Hyeju stirs awake, eyes full of life blinking confused. She manages to stand up with the added help of the crib's handles. Spotting Haseul immediately, Hyeju lets out happy noises and roughly shakes the crib as she takes little hops.


Haseul wakes up right away after the first rattle, startled by the sudden ruckus. Hyeju momentarily stops her actions, also startled by Haseul jumping out of the chair the moment she opened her eyes. She looks up at her and  lets out a loud squeal in delight the unceremoniously falls onto her .




"Woo~" Haseul coos as she's playing with Hyeju in front of the mirror. The now eight-month-old seems to be easily entertained with reflections lately. Haseul tiptoes towards the mirror and pulls back when the baby starts to reach out to their reflection.


"Mm—Ah!" Hyeju continues to be as vocal as ever. She hasn't stopped trying to engage in animated conversations with her mothers. She often starts making all sorts of noises once she spots Jinsol or Haseul passing by her crib if she's awake.


The eight-month-old huffs and grumbles in frustration. Seeing Hyeju start to pick up their quirks brings a tinge of warmth to her chest, Haseul's typically the one to be vocal about her emotions, and Jinsol's expressive expressions show within Hyeju's heavily knitted eyebrows and pouty lips.


Hyeju continues babbling, "Urm~bmwah."


"You trying to talk, Jyu?" Haseul maneuvers Hyeju to face her. "Say 'mama'." She tries out coaxing her baby into saying her first word. She doesn't really take it seriously, but it never hurts to try.


Hyeju gives her a weird look, exaggeratedly pursing her lips as much as she can then suddenly going mute at her mom's request.


Haseul frowns at the hesitance. "Aw. Did you get shy? C'mon, baby, it'll make your mommies happy!"




"It's 'mama', baby." She toys with Hyeju's little fingers with her thumb. "Mama.." She repeats, enunciating it for the eight-month-old to follow better.


"Mwa? Mwa~!" Hyeju bursts with an added flare of her flailing her arms. Ah, such a Jinsol habit..


Haseul gives an encouraging smile at that. "Mwa?" She peppers her cheeks with kisses, saying 'Mwa' for each peck. "That's for kisses, Joojoo~"


Hyeju's eyes sparkles as she miraculously speaks, "Mama!" Haseul gasps.


"Oh my Goodness!!"


She doesn't know why, maybe it was from her reaction, but Hyeju merrily repeats 'mama' the entire walk to the bedroom where a resting Jinsol laid. The woman was hugging a pillow, probably out of habit from being Haseul's big spoon throughout the years they've been together thus far.


Haseul carefully sits on the edge of the bed, planning to wake up Jinsol in a soft way. Ever since Hyeju came to be, they've both been conditioned into waking up at the slightest noises. So, when Hyeju makes a particularly loud babble, Jinsol gets up in a daze but is awake enough to be on alert. Haseul lets out a puff of laughter when, with closed eyes, Jinsol reaches out for her figure and visibly relaxes when she meets with Haseul's warmth.


Jinsol lightly tugs on her wife's hand. Haseul watches with a smile as Jinsol brings her hand up to her lips and proceeds to pepper kisses along Haseul's knuckles, ending with a big, one second too long one on the back of her hand. Haseul hums in appreciation, leaning close, but not enough to squish Hyeju, to give her own set of kisses on Jinsol's cheeks.




"Eh?!" Jinsol pulls back, staring at Haseul with cartoonishly wide eyes. "Did our baby.. just.." Her wife slowly nods with a growing grin. A while back, Jinsol had noticed Hyeju's newborn scrunch had disappeared when she picked her up one time. She pouted to Haseul about it. So when Jinsol laughs in delight at Hyeju's newest achievement, Haseul feels relieved.


Jinsol scoops up Hyeju, looks at her little face with upmost adoration and blows raspberries on her swell tummy, filling the room with Hyeju's happy squeals and gurgling. She stops after a while, letting Hyeju recover from the tickling attack. "She's growing too fast," Jinsol breathes out.


Haseul inches closer to her girls, resting her head on her wife's shoulder. She taps on Hyeju's nose. The eight-month-old's face scrunches up at the action. "Doesn't that mean we're doing a good job at this parenting thing then?"


Jinsol hums, slowly rubbing and patting Hyeju's chest. "You're right." She softly bumps Haseul's head with hers. "We just gotta enjoy every single moment with her. You never know until we blink and suddenly she's a grown woman."


Haseul laughs. "Just don't blink so fast then."




—bonus bcs i couldn't figure out where to fit this in—




"I wanna have another baby."


Now that makes Jinsol sputter. Her mind comes to an alarming halt. She's quick to face her wife and furrows her eyebrows in confusion. "What?"


Haseul purses her lips, getting a bit shy under Jinsol's intense gaze. She whispers, "I want to have another baby..?" Her wife's lips part, about to give her a long winded speech about such a serious topic. "I know, I know. It's a big responsibility. I just—I want Hyeju to have a sibling.."


Jinsol's features soften. She tucks away Haseul's wisps of baby hair sticking out and cups one side of the woman's face with her hand. "That's sweet of you, Seulie, but I don't know.. Are we really ready for another mini-me?"


Considering it's only been a whopping eight months since they've introduced Hyeju into the world, Jinsol's got a reason to be wary about this subject. Though, she is thankful Hyeju's not much of a hassle unlike other babies. (She instantly thought of Yerim, 1/2 of Jungeun and Jiwoo's twins. She's.. an energetic one to put it nicely.)


"I am." Haseul pouts. "And it'll be a mini-me—a mini-Haseul. I wanna try it out."


"Are you sure?" Jinsol searches for a hint of hesitance within Haseul's eyes, but only finds determination and love within her orbs. "You know it'll . The whole being pregnant thing, I mean. Not—never the babies."


Her wife chuckles. "But you'll be there to take care of me."


"Of course, I always will. I'm just making sure you're absolutely sure about this, Seul. "


They fall into silence; one's taking in the sudden suggestion left floating in the air and other's patiently waiting for a response.


"So..?" Haseul shyly takes in her wife's hand and squeezes.


Jinsol softly smiles, squeezing back. "I'll think about it."


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