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A/N: i was supposed to publish the one with hyeju at 6-months-old but this idea came to me suddenly so .. brainworms took over, again. hope y'all enjoy tho!




Hyeju's now a mighty 3-months-old, which means she just completed the first quarter of her first year of life! For starters, it's gotten a little bit better now. Hyeju's not much of a newborn anymore by how she's starting to settle into a schedule with feeding and sleeping. Jinsol's expressed her happiness about it when she noticed Haseul snuggling up to her in bed more often now.


Speaking of Haseul, her newly-appointed mother jitters have faded away much to Jinsol's relief. The development has Haseul relaxing more around Hyeju, but her protectiveness hasn't fully gone away, obviously enough as Jinsol spots Haseul watching Hyeju like a hawk as the 3-month-old's doing her usual tummy time play.


Walking into the living room, Jinsol feels her heart grow into immeasurable heights at how Hyeju can now recognize her coming in. She can finally carry her little head up on her own without the wobbling.


"Oh! Did you see that!" Jinsol turns to Haseul as she scoops up Hyeju into her arms. "Joojoo just smiled at me!" She grins at her baby, loving the little awkward smirk on Hyeju's triangular lips.


"Aigoo~ Did Hyeju really smile at mommy Jindori?" Haseul goes up to her two girls. Hyeju turns when she speaks now. It's been very entertaining since they discovered the development. Jinsol and Haseul took turns speaking and watched how Hyeju's little head turned to their voices in her crib.


Surprisingly, Hyeju's a little of chatterbox with how vocal she's become. Maybe it's the result of her two mothers being ones themselves. So, when her mothers speak to her, Hyeju does respond. It's just in her Joojoo language.


"Euu~wah!" She says.


Jinsol, without a fail, always repeats it with enthusiasm as if she understood it. "Ooh~ Eu-wah.. That's right! Mama has to go to work now, doesn't she?" She glances at Haseul, who pouts at the reminder.


"I'm sure I can trick my Vivi into—Yah!" Haseul flinches at her wife purposefully hitting her shoulder roughly. She huffs. "Alright, alright! I'm gonna work, I swear."


They make their way to the kitchen where a wrapped up lunchbox was left. "Get home to us safely," Jinsol reminds, handing Haseul's essentials as she opens the door for her.


"You know I can make my own lunch at the café, right?" She teases with a dorky grin.


"I know." A kiss. "But I like taking care of my girls."



"I still can't believe this little thing popped out of you," Sooyoung breathes out in amazement, studying Hyeju as she maneuvers the baby in her hands. "Like look at her face! She's.. yeah."


Completely ignoring the first statement, Jinsol raises her eyebrows at her friend's tone. "I take that as something positive then?"


"Yeah." She shrugs, holding Hyeju properly again. The moment the baby's expression shifts, Jinsol's already waddling off to the kitchen. Sooyoung furrows her eyebrows, questions about to slip out of her lips but Hyeju begins whining.


Panicked, Sooyoung jumps onto her feet, softly patting and rubbing the baby's back in a miserable effort to soothe her. "Oh, don't cry, don't cry, don't cry! Uhh, are you hungry? Jinsol's getting you milk right now~!"


Busy glaring at each other, Hyeju manages to slip her little mittens off. Amidst her thrashing, her arm reaches up to her hair and upon instinct, Hyeju clamps down and tugs her short strands with unnecessary force.


Unintentionally hurting herself, Hyeju wails louder against Sooyoung's ears, prompting her to pull back and create some distance between her and this loud little human. Seeing the problem, Sooyoung shifts Hyeju's weight to just one arm to try and pry her hand off herself.


"Just let go..!?" She mumbles as she fails to stop Hyeju. Luckily for her, Jinsol finally emerges from the kitchen with a warm bottle of milk in hand and a towel ready to feed the 3-month-old.


"Why'd you take her mittens off??" She scolds Sooyoung right away, immediately rushing in to have Hyeju in her arms. The baby continues sobbing.


"I didn't! I think it just slipped off..!"


Jinsol sighs. "Joojoo, baby, I'm gonna need you to work with me on this," She brings her hand up to Hyeju's, the pad of her thumb rubbing the back of the little fist, coaxing Hyeju into slowly releasing her hold. Jinsol continues doing just that until Hyeju fully let go.


Lightly moving in place, Jinsol consoles her baby until her sobs are reduced to short sniffles. Sooyoung wordlessly picks up the mittens and slips them back on. She shoots an apologetic smile at the mother.


Jinsol nods in appreciation. Once she's sure Hyeju's alright, she lets the baby le on the bottle of milk. Leaning back with a relieved sigh, the duo take in the silence.


Until Sooyoung breaks it. "Wow. Jinsol, you're really—"


Jinsol just pats her hand over Sooyoung's with another sigh. "Just shut up.."


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