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I Can Wait

Joohyun's kitchen was in hot pruple. It looked like some photo studio instead of a kitchen. Butnit was fully complete with apparatus and kitchen hardware. 

"Wow the kitchen looks so good!"

"Really? My friends hate it. This is the only place in my house that they will never enter"

"Oh so thats why you dragged me here?"

"Technically you're safe here while you are cooking."

Seungwan looked around. Joohyun doesn't have that domestic kind of look to own such domestic looking kitchen although it had the designer's touch for the interior design

"I dont cook. My grandmother sometimes cooks here if she stays over. So it would be easier for her if my things here are complete."

"Ah I guess so."

Joohyun smiled before she exit the kitchen.

After 1 hour, Seungwan managed to cooked all the dishes that Joohyun listed on the form. Then Joohyun enters tye kitchen.

"Are you done Chef?"

"Yes Joohyun-ssi. You can have a taste"

"Can I?"

"Of course!"

Then Joohyun taste the foods.

"Wow you're really good. This is so delicious"

"I strive to make my customers happy"

Seungwan smiled sheepishly. Joohyun was singing praises of her just now and he was a little overwhelmed with the sweet talking. Nevertheless, he helped Joohyun with the rest of food and placed them on the dining table.

The girls cant help but to stare at Seungwan when Joohyun left him for a while to change her clothes. And he suddenly nervous on the stares they are giving to him. Silently praying that Joohyun save him. And he thanked God because as cue, Joohyun made her way to Seungwan.

"Sorry. I had to leave you for a while. Dont worry, the girls wont come near you"

"Oh why is that so?"

"I told them that you are my boyfriend"

"You what?"

"Its not really a bad thing right?"

"Ahh well."

"I really like you a lot since I saw you at the restaurant. I thought you were wonderful"

Seungwan was stunned for  a moment.



Seungwan and Joohyun were sitting on the high chairs in the kitchen. They were drinking wine; the party on the living room was still roaring loudly.

"So Seungwan, have you dated before?"

"Yes. We were together for almost 5 years but she chose another man"


"She got married with one of my bestfriend"

"That really "

Seungwan nodded but maintained a smile.

"I dont bear a grudge against her nor do i hate her for hurting me like that. She has the choice. She picked the right choice"

"And you have not seen anyone else after that?"

"I dont think If I can fall in love again. Its just too difficult for me to do so."

Joohyun nodded and just stared at Seungwan. She was dissapointed and feeling discouraged about Seungwan's confession.

"So you're telling me that you dont want to love again?"


"So you're going to give up just like that?"

Seungwa  just shrugged his shoulder and Joohyun hunched her back. She was feeling a little dejected with Seungwan's reaction towards love. But she wasn't give up just as yet

"Do you think I can make you fall in love with me?"

Seungwan stared at her.

"I mean it. I really like you. I just need to know if you would give me a chance to win your heart over."

Seungwan was baffled.

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