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I Can Wait

"I heard this place has one of the best chef;

"I think, yes. What can I help you?"

"Hmm. then I can request the chef to cook on my party celebration?


Seungwan has never attempted to do such request from the customer before so he hesitated.

"Actually, Im having the party tonight."


"If you cannot do it, its okey"

"What time is your party by the way?"


"Oh I think I can squeeze your request today."

The lady's facial expression was really bright. She was taken aback but couldn't hide her happiness. She squealed in delight.


Seungwan nodded.

"Oh my God! You're the best! Thank you!"

Seungwan smiled and took out a request form.

"You can fill in the  details here for me to know the address and the foods you want to serve"

The lady dutifully filled in the details. She returned the form to Seungwan who is busy talking to other customers. She saw that the girls are silently giggling and blushing on what is Seungwan is saying. So she intentionally drop the small box on the counter to get Seungwan's attention and she succeed.

"Oh sorry. I didnt mean to drop the box"

"Its okay Miss"

"Here is the form."

Seungwan took the form and read it.

"Miss Bae Joohyun-ssi."

"Ah yes. Thats me. What is your name chef?"

"My name is Seungwan. Son Seungwan"

"A handsome name for a gorgeous man like you" Joohyun murmured.

"Sorry? What did you say?"

"Nothing. Hehe. I'll just wait for you Seungwan-ssi on my house later at 5pm"

"Sure thing Miss Joohyun. I'll be there later."

"Thank you. See you later." and unconciously kissed Seungwan's cheek. 

Seungwan was taken aback but calmly pushed the girl. 

"Sorry. I didnt mean to. Its just my way of saying thank you"

"No problem Miss." 

Joohyun wave goodbye and exit the restaurant.


Seungwan was left on his spot and still staring on the door where the girl exited.

He feels his cheek then suddenly, he is blushing.

"What did that woman do to me?" Then he shrugged.



Seungwan decided to drive to Joohyun's house on his own. He looked at the time; he was on time. He took his key and drove off. 

He managed to reach his client's place in one piece and made his way to the front door. He pressed the doorbell.

Seungwan could hear shrieks and screams from the other side of the door. Seungwan frowned but nevertheless waited. Few seconds later, he could hear the lock went unclick and someone opened the door. Joohyun was the one who greeted him.

"Hello Joohyun-ssi."

"Hey you made it on time!"

"Ah yes." Seungwan unconciously scratch his nape.

"Come in. I want you to meet my friends. I have been boasting about your cooking skills and they are interested."

"But I thought your mini party will start at 8pm"

"Yes but they are so excited to meet you so they came here early for you."


Joohyun held Seungwan's hand and bring him to the living room where her friends are sitted. 

"Guys. I want you to meet Seungwan. The famous chef Im talking about".


Some of the ladies were whistling away and some were already grinning and smirking at Seungwan. 

Seungwan awkwardly waved. One of the girls was giggling away.

"Aw, he's so shy~"

"Stop teasing him. And stop eye-flirting with him, Joy!"

"He's tall and handsome"

"Yes he is but he's out of bounds."

Joohyun held on to Seungwan's hand tightly and managed a quick whisper.

"Stick to me. These girls are wolves in disguise"


"They might devour you if you let go my hand"


Sengwan held on to her dear life.

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