The Last Waltz


Chou Tzuyu lives in a college shared house with 7 other girls. All of a sudden, someone from the past shows up in their doorstep, ready to ruin her life once again. Would she be able to kick her out of the house as planned? Or would she admit she actually never stopped loving her after all these years?


Hello readers!!
It's Tzuyu's birthday, so I thought maybe I should publish the Satzu fanfic I've been working on for the past months. It's actually part of a college dorm series (Twice Dorm Diaries) with all the royal ships and one with Jihyo too.
Note: All the stories have completely different plotlines. And I tried using first person POV this time. It was fun 😏
Hope you enjoy this one too. It's a little bit calmer than the first two fanfics but you know me, there's gonna be bits of wtf moments and surprises 😈

So, please enjoy, leave a comment and vote. Thank you! 

Sorry for the late update. I was trying to contemplate if I'm really going in this direction for this story haha
But well, I did it. So, please enjoy and let me know what you think
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