The Heavens have returned and Paradigm is no longer a superpower in the mortal realm. 10 years have passed since the return and the world has moved forward in its new normal. But is there anything normal about Gods, demons, humans, and everything in between? Team M's failure is Team D's success. However, the path of success is littered with it's own consequences. Consequences that might tear them apart. 



Now, normally I write for MMM as evident by my stories but I've finally gathered the courage to post one for Dreamcatcher! It's taken me forever but I've done it!

This story is set in the same world as Theorem so if you haven't read it then not to worry! You don't have to read it to read this story. But if you have then ya ahead of the game! AKA you'll just get some references here and there :3c  Especially since there's a big time gap so things have changed. I mean I wasn't lying when I said I wasn't through with this world yet :>

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and don't be afraid to leave any comments! I always wanna know what ya think. Especially if ya have any clarifying questions. I know I have a bad habit of getting lost in my own head when I write so what makes sense to me may not make sense after all T^T

On that note, hope ya enjoy!

Again, I get like low-key possessed when I write this story sooooooooo who knows when the muse will set me free
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