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Hi Ningning,


Did you have a hangover? Want me to take a guess? My guess is, no you didn't. Why? I think you're a heavy drinker. Well you're the one who throws a party so I guess it's safe to say that you know how to handle your drink.


Me? I rarely go to parties, but I can drink too. 


I just remembered the first time I ever saw you. It was in your party last year, the start of the second semester. It was a crowd I might say. You really know how to throw an amazing party.


A lot of students towered over you that night but my eyes can't help but to seek for you among the alcohol infested crowd. You weren't easy to spot considering your height but I guess it was the color of your hair that attracted my gaze or maybe it was your bewitching feline eyes.


I'm pretty sure you don't know me and more so noticed me that night. But it's alright. I have always been an observer, a curator of beautiful things and magnificently that night you were the most beautiful.



—half past ten

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