1023 Letters

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Get a personal view of Giselle's letters to Ningning.


Yes, this will be a series. But not the ordinary kind of series I guess because it will mostly focus on as the title said, "letters". There would be narrations and point of views to come tho. 

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 I'm not abandoning it, don't worry :)

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jemekins #1
Chapter 15: Can we have a ningning's pov? This is so good. Btw you also wrote the blue devil and like you like that i only notice now. No wonder, your works are really are good to read.
jemekins #2
Chapter 2: i like how giselle's brain work, i mean witty and cute. Would they be interacting? or all these are letter form from gi's pov?
jemekins #3
Chapter 1: This is really an interesting start.
KimJinyeong #4
Chapter 6: Hello authornim, this story is so cute, would there be a NingNing pov? Thank you for writing such a great story😊
Jeyem_36 #5
Chapter 2: Giselle is so precious😭 are we going to have pov for Ningning?
Jeyem_36 #6
Chapter 1: HAHAHAHAHA I immediately understood Giselle's supposed code name here, love the wittiness of it.