''Til The Day I Die''

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- P R E V I E W -

The younger fell to the floor as a taller male called out to him, but before he could reach him, the door burst open. Men in heavy gear walking in. They pointed their weapons at both. Baekhyun slowly touch his ear, seeing blood on his hand, his eyes winded as he stared at the taller male in front of him. He saw the S.W.A.T team gather around them until they capture the tall male. They separated both, as they took Chanyeol outside. When the elder looked around there were cops everywhere. He scuffed a bit, shaking his head, not caring at all. Then an old man, walked to him. “Good Job… detective Byun…” he spoke with a smirk on his face. Chanyeol raised an eyebrow, tap bit confused, then he saw the younger beside him. The elder growl trying to get in front of him to protect him, but the next words that came out of the younger made him stop and freeze in the spot.

“….I just did my job, chief…” Baekhyun spoke as he looked at Chanyeol.

“….Y-You…” Chanyeol whispered.

-Inspired By-

EXO - Monster / 5SOS - YoungBlood / Halsey - Without Me


- M A I N C H A R A C T E R S -


There more characters, but these are the main two.

- W A R N I N G S - 

Hello everyone, I am kind of back and as always, I will give the warnings. This is a fanfic boyxboy. There will be violence, so those chapters will be Rated M. I don’t own music, characters, or pictures. Please do not translate or copy my story. English is not my first language; however, I am using an editor to help with my writing. Please subscribe and comment :) I LOVE feedback!

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