The Scent Of Flower

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S U M M A R Y 

You recently took a job at a store at an antic store. You were fully in love with the job, but it was internship. Being a seller is not about dressing provocatively, it’s about knowledge. Other inters lack the knowledge while you had all of it. Since you are different, they bully you. When you thought no one notice you, Jongin notice every single flaw and still saw you as the most beautiful woman in the store.


~C H A R A C T E R S~ 

JongIn {Kai}



~ W A R N I N G S ~

My Third straight fanfic. I will write One-Shots with all EXO members {OTP12}. DO NOT translate or steal still fanfics. I DO NOT own the characters, music, or pictures used in this story. English is not my first language the grammar is understandable and readable. I will post at the end of each one-shot the story forward if it’s available with the summary.

~EXO One-Shot Collections ~

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