Life With Children: Identity

Life With Children
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It was dinnertime in the Kang family, and during the dinner they would have conversations. “So Wonhyuk, how is school going?” “School is going good, my teacher says my English is good.”


“Good, I knew spending time with my mom would help you guys.” Joohyun said with a smile.


Since Tiffany is American as their grandmother, she made them learn English to help them communicate more.


“How about you Yeri?” “It’s going good.” “And how is Hong joong?” She middle child. Yerim began to blush.


“Nothing happened!” She exclaimed. Drawing more attention than the opposite. “I’m sure nothing did.” Seulgi scoffed but groaned when he felt Joohyun pinching his leg.


“And Wonwoo, how is college?” “It’s okay.” He kept it short. “And how is Mingyu? I haven’t seen him for a while?” “Oh, he’s just been busy.” Wonwoo said. Joohyun nodded. “Oh okay, when you see please invite him to dinner. He’s very nice.” She said.


“So why is your boyfriend mad at you?” Yerim asked her oppa after dinner in the hallway. Wonwoo was shocked, and quickly pushed her into his room.


“How did you know?” “You guys acted very much like a couple, and I saw you kiss maybe more than once.” Yerim teased.


“Please don’t tell mom and dad. They would freak.” Yerim rolled her eyes at her brother’s plea. “Okay, I won’t tell them. And I doubt they would care.” “How would you know?” “I mean they know I have a boyfriend.” “That’s different, and they only knew because you and Hong joong were caught making out.”


“Although true, at least mom and dad don’t have to worry about you being pregnant or getting someone pregnant young.” Wonwoo rolled his eyes. “So, why is Mingyu oppa mad at you?”




Mingyu and Wonwoo were in his room sitting and laughing. With an occasion kissing here and there.


They were about to go in for another kiss but heard a knock from the door. Without hesitation, Wonwoo pushes Mingyu away from him harshly.


“Come in.” In comes Joohyun. “Hey, sorry to interrupt, oh who is this?” “Hello, Mrs Kang, I’m Kim Mingyu.” “My best friend.” Wonwoo interjected. “Nice to meet you, Mingyu, would you like to stay for dinner?”


Mingyu gave her a polite smile. “No thank you, Mrs. Kang. I’m actually heading out, nice meeting you.” Mingyu bowed to her.


“Is everything okay?” She asked her son. “Yeah, everything is good.” He lied. Joohyun felt unsure with his answer but decided to force it out of him.


End of Flashback


“If I was oppa, I would be mad too. How could you do that to him?” “It’s complicated.” “How? You obviously like him as he likes you. You’re an for pushing him away.” Yerim stated.


Wonwoo knew his sister was right, but how could he introduce Mingyu as his boyfriend when his boyfriend is completely ignoring him.




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