Fix You

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 Broken by the pressures of her parents’ unreasonable expectations and unrequited love, Wendy, tries to navigate her life on her final year of university. Or, a story where Wendy’s new co-worker, Irene, tries to pick up what’s left of her broken pieces; shattered, and hurt by everyone else but her. 


This is my very first story on this site (and any site for that matter). But I just wanted to give writing a try. This story is probably gonna span for around 20 chapters (though don't quote me on that). Could be longer, could be shorter.

Please enjoy :)


New cover! Inspired by a wenrene fanart i found on pinterest. Then I kinda just played around with photoshop and watched a LOT of tutorials.

The fanart:


best girls joohyun and seulgi
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