You're Not that Stupid


Where Nayeon gets her chance to mend a broken friendship with *the one that got away* (Mina) at the expense of losing someone who has always looked at her when she wasn't looking (Sana).

Alt title: your angsty/pining sanayeon minayeon AU


Nayeon for one is complicated. She's curious, but she's scared enough to know what it is for her. Since their debut, for four years, she liked Mina and in a single snap she ignored her because she's scared for what could happen. In two years of ignoring her comes Sana -- her roommate -- who tied herself into the complicatedness of it all.


(A/N this is my first story so I don't really know what reactions this would garner. But I already laid out the first chapter. Let me know what you felt and if you want me to continue it!)

This is my first time writing aahh I am still thinking of whether to continue what happened after, but I hope you would feel the dilemma that the characters did. Also, what do you think about the story? :)
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