Even if the world is against us

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Yesung, main vocalist of super Junior is hiding a deep dark secret, from s and the world , how will people react when his deep secret comes to light. WIll Suju still accept him as a member. 


Couple hours before

“Has everyone gone through the script of today’s show”, he asked looking at his team mates, they all nodded and answered in various ways of yes. When Yesung caught his attention. He was staring into blank space with a gentle smile playing on his lips, obviously day dreaming, “Yesung”, the leader sighed, “Yesung”, he said louder when the younger didn’t respond, “Yesung!”, he finally shouted snapping the other out of his daydream, “Huh?”, Yesung said. “Did u learn your script”, Leeteuk replied while rubbing his forehead, “oh um no I was busy”, “What!”, he exclaimed “busy with what I told you specifically that we needed to learn this script it’s important for our promotions”, “Oh I-I-“, Yesung tried defending himself when Leeteuk interrupted “You know what I don’t even have time for this you can just stay quite throughout the show we don’t need anyone bringing us down and I have no time to deal with a nuisance of a member”, he shouted which made Yesung take a step back “I’m sorry Hyung I won’t do it again”, Leeteuk just glared at him “let’s go guys let him do what he wants to do”, he said storming out of the place.

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