What They Didn't Expect
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(For the sake of the story they are all in the same year-3rd year’s)







Jonghyun sighed for the fourth time within one minute. At least according to his friend, Minho.

The two sat next to each other in Algebra. Jonghyun wasn’t too fond of this math class, but Minho was. Mostly due to him wanting to keep his grades high, but still. Distractions weren’t an option. So that’s why the sound of his friend exhaling every fifteen seconds was starting to agitate him.


“Hyung. If you sigh one more time…” He angrily whispered while gripping his pencil tightly before he decided to flick his older friend in the face. Jonghyun pouted.

“But look at him.” Jonghyun said dreamily referring to the younger male with wavy red hair sitting towards the front of the class.

“Don’t you think you should focus on taking notes? You tanked your last test. Like really bad.” Minho hissed.

“Do you think if I ask him, he would tutor me?” Jonghyun said distractedly with a dreamy smile on his face.

“I don’t think you would pay attention to any of his lessons. Now leave me alone.” Minho said.

Jonghyun paid him no mind. He was too busy staring at his crush. Taemin was his name.

He just transferred to this school a few months ago and the moment he saw him he was awe struck. Taemin was small and cute, definitely his type. And he wanted him, but was too shy to speak to him. Kim Jonghyun shy? Impossible! But Taemin made him this way.

“Come on air head, the bell rung. It’s time for lunch.” Minho said slapping a piece of paper against his face when he was still in a trance looking at Taemin.


The two made their way to lunch to meet up with their oldest friend Jinki.

“Hey guys!” Jinki yelped from surprise when he saw his two younger friends making their way over to their usual spot that they sat at each day.

“Move over Hyung. I can’t see!” Jonghyun said scooting into Jinki’s personal bubble.

“See what?” Jinki said turning his head around to see what he was looking at.

“He won’t be able to see his unrequited love, Hyung. Don’t you know?” Minho said teasingly.

Jonghyun ignored the two as he rested his chin on hands as he sighed. He had the perfect view of Taemin from this spot. He watched as he sat and ate with his animated friend that sat across from him, but he was focused way more on Taemin.

“Ahhh, you’re still drooling over him?” Jinki laughed.

Jonghyun rolled his eyes. This was exactly why he didn’t like telling all his friends whenever he had a crush on someone. The last thing he needed was for more than one person to start teasing him.

“Why don’t you just talk to Kibum.” Jinki offered.

“Who?” Jonghyun asked while still being in a trance. He hadn’t even touched his food.

“Taemin’s friend.”

Jonghyun’s ears perked up.

“Taemin’s friend? Do you know him?” He asked curious.

“Yea, we both do.” Jinki said gesturing to Minho.

“What?! Minho why haven’t you told me?!” Jonghyun cried.

“Told you what?” Minho grimaced. He just wanted to eat his food in peace.

“That you knew one of Taemin’s friends!”

“Eh…it slipped my mind?” Minho shrugged.

Jonghyun growled.

“Why don’t you ask Kibum about Taemin. They’re best friends. Maybe he could hook you two up.” Jinki said.

“Hyung. You are a genius! An absolute mad man!” He said giving his older friend a tight hug.

“Wait, wait!...I gotta warn you…Kibum is a little uh…forward.” The elder said trying to worm out of the hug his small friend was giving him.

“What do you mean?” He looked at him with big curious eyes and then looking over to Taemin’s friend who he assumed was this Kibum.

“He means he says whatever is on his mind. So, don’t be too surprised at what comes out of his mouth. He doesn’t care.” Minho said giving him a serious look.

“So, its best you stay on his good side. If not you can say “bye-bye” to Taemin. He’s pretty protective over him.” Jinki added.

Jonghyun scratched his head nervously.

“I see…well I’m likable anyway! I’ll just use my charms.” He grinned.

“Those same charms got you rejected the last time you try to speak to your crush.” Minho reminded him.






Jonghyun had to do some research to figure out when would be the best time to speak to this Kibum.

And by research this meant watching him and following around for the past few days.

He figured out that after third period Kibum usually hangs out in front of his locker for a while before class starts. He was usually alone too, which meant this was the best opportunity he could get to approach him.

Once he saw him at his locker looking through his phone he decided to strike. He ran up behind him…which wasn’t the best idea.

“Hi!” Jonghyun said cheerily.

He watched as Kibum jumped at the sudden interaction. He caught him off guard.

“What the hell?” Kibum said slamming his locker door shut.

“Do you usually just creep up behind people and scare them with your overly annoying high-pitched cheery voice?” He said angrily.

The smile Jonghyun wore on his face faltered.


“‘Ummm’ what? Who are you?” Kibum glared.

Yikes. Jinki and Minho were right. Kibum was a bit scary. His cat like eyes looked menacing and were penetrating through his soul.

“I’m Kim Jonghyun.” He bowed slightly trying to regain his composure.

“Kibum.” Was all he said.

“I was born in April, when is your birthday?” He asked wanting to know how to address him.

“September.” Kibum said while rolling his eyes.

“I’m your Hyung!” He said excitedly. Being older always gave him a sense of pride, he liked looking after his younger friends. But he noticed Kibum didn’t share his same excitement as he stood there just looking at him.

“Uh…umm...right…so listen. I’ve seen you around and you seem cool. I was thinking we could be friends…?” Jonghyun said confidently, but that sense of confidence started to waiver when he saw the displeased look on Kibum’s face.

“Weird.” Was all he said.

“Ehh, w-what?”

“Weird. That’s weird. Your weird.” Kibum spat.

“N-no it’s not! There’s nothing wrong with trying to make friends!”

“Your approach is weird. What do you really want?” Kibum said not even bothering to look at him but instead start tapping away at his phone.

“To be friends!” He reiterated.

Kibum glanced at him.

“How about this. Approach me next time with the truth and I’ll think about helping you with what you actually want. Okay?” Kibum said giving him a fake smile that came with dimples. He walked off without even giving Jonghyun a second look.






“Okay listen.”

Jonghyun was back again the next day.

He saw Kibum at his spot in front of his locker as usual as he was organizing his books.

“I’m listening.” Kibum said still not bothering to look at Jonghyun as he placed a book inside his locker.

“Look, I have a crush on Taemin, okay? I know you two are best friends and I thought if I hung around with some of his friends you could introduce me to him and I could get close to him…Minho said you like honesty, so here you go.”

Kibum shut the door to his locker and finally looked at Jonghyun. Kibum’s style definitely matched his attitude. His jet-black hair was swooped to the side and his features were quit piercing.

“That boy knows me well doesn’t he?” Kibum grinned.

Kibum took a moment to look Jonghyun up and down. He then proceeded to walk in a circle around him as well. Jonghyun felt nervous, why was he seizing him up like this?

“Well, your short. But I don’t think Taemin will mind that too much.” He said abruptly.

“Hey, I’m 5’7-“

“Your muscular. You look like you take care of yourself.” He continued while ruffling his hair.

“Hmmm, your cute. Almost handsome, I dare say.”

“Uh, thank you? I think…” Jonghyun said. It sounded more like a back handed compliment…

“Looks-wise, you pass.” Kibum said.

“Really?” So, he was Taemin’s type as well? That was great news!

“Aht, aht, aht. Just because your cute, doesn’t mean he will like you.” He said seriously.

“Everything isn’t about looks.” He added. Well he wasn’t lying.

“Clearly for whatever reason your too scared to approach Taemin by yourself, soooo you’ll have to go through me.” He smiled showing off his dimples yet again.

“I’m not scared! I’m j-just shy…” He said blushing.

“You? Shy? Oh, please. You just ran up on me yesterday and you had no idea what kind of person I was beforehand. You’re just too chicken to do it yourself.” He mocked. He seemed to have great pleasure picking on him.

“Taemin is out sick today. How about you sit with me at lunch today? Hmm? I need to pick your brain a little more.”

Jonghyun gulped. Was he really ready to sit down and face this Kibum guy? Well if he wanted to get to Taemin, he had no choice.




Jonghyun stuck his tongue out at his friends as the gawked at him confused as to why he was sitting with Kibum.

“Those two are idiots, ignore them.” Kibum said breaking his childish banter between him and his friends.

“Hey! Those are my friends!” Jonghyun said feeling a bit defensive.

“They’re mine too.” Kibum smirked. Jonghyun gulped.

“Wait what?” Jonghyun said with big eyes.

“Well more of aquaintances that are turning into my friends.”

“How come I’ve never seen you hang out with them?” Jonghyun questioned feeling a bit suspicious.

“I don’t know. Me and you never had any classes together. I see Minho and Onew all the time.” He said absentmindly picking at his nails.

“Onew?” Who was Onew?

“Yea, Onew.” Kibum said pointing towards Jinki. “That’s the nickname I gave him because he’s soft. Like Tofu.” He laughed. Jonghyun couldn’t help but admire Kibum’s smile when he laughed. He had a nice smile. And he was kind of a er for dimples.

But he also couldn’t help but be baffled at the fact that he had never met Kibum before seeing how apparently close he was with his friends, close enough to give them nicknames. How odd.

“So, Kim Jonghyun, what interests you about my young friend.”

The mere mention of his crushes name made him melt into a pile of goo.

“Well he’s so pretty, kind and funny…I mean I only had a few interactions with him…but these were the best few moments of my life.” He sighed. He wore a dreamy look in his eyes.

Kibum rolled his eyes.

“I see.” He responded. “Well your gonna need to do more than spew out pretty words to him. It’s all about actions!” Kibum said sternly.

Jonghyun nodded his head with his eyes wide.

“For starters you should well, I don’t know…speak to him? Instead of being a scardey cat and using me as a spokesperson.” He deadpanned.

“I-I’m not scared!-“

“Yea, yea, yea. You’re shy right? Anyways” He said dismissing him.

“I have to get to know you more. I’m not sure I approve of you yet.” He said side eyeing him.

“We should hang out sometime then.” Jonghyun didn’t know what possessed him to say this. Honestly he could just tell him about himself rather than take unnecessary steps and actually hang out with him.

“You don’t have to pretend to be my friend to get to Taemin remember? You already told me your true intentions.” Kibum snorted.

“I am a nice guy you know. I don’t mind building a friendship with you too, you seem cool.” He said honestly.

“…really?” He looked at him surprised, suspicious at his offer.

“Well…yea.” He smiled. And when he did this Kibum turned his head off to the side to try to hide his blushing face.

“You come off as an , but I can tell your cool.” He said with a genuine smile. And he could have sworn he saw a light blush on Kibum’s checks but then he thought he imagined it.

Kibum didn’t even bother to defend himself from that comment.

“Well here’s my number.” Kibum said holding out his hand waiting for Jonghyun to place his phone in it so he could punch in his numbers.

The two chit chatted for a little longer before parting ways and heading off to class.


“Well? How did It go?” Jinki asked as Jonghyun made his way over to them so that they could all exit the cafeteria together.

“Well, he said he needed to get to know me more. He gave me his number. We’re gonna hang out.”

Minho and Jinki both stopped dead in their tracks.

“Eh? You’re going to hang out with Kim Kibum?!” Minho said as his giant eyes popped out of his head.

“Uh, yea?” Jonghyun said looking at them strangely. What was the big deal?

“And he gave you his number? Willingly?” Jinki asked carefully.

“Uh…yea…” Jonghyun responded continuing his walk. They were acting a bit too weird for his liking.

Minho and Jinki gave each other odd looks.

“Huh.” Jinki said.




“Jinki. Minho. And Jonghyun. Their your seniors. And everyone, this is Taemin.” Kibum sitting down abruptly and not so quietly slamming his lunch tray down. Taemin was trailing behind him and sat down more timidly then Kibum had done. The three older boys all sat their wide eyed not at all expecting Kibum to come sit down at their table. Especially Jonghyun. He was caught off guard at the fact that Taemin was suddenly sitting in front of him. He froze with half of his food hanging out of his mouth.

“Ah, Minho and Jonghyun are in my math class!” Taemin said excitedly. “Nice to meet you officially, I didn’t know you and Kibum Hyung were friends!” He finished.

“Nice to meet you too.” Minho responded like a normal person. He gave Jonghyun a side eye when he saw that he was still sitting their frozen with food hanging out of his mouth.

“Ya….Jonghyun…” He whispered and then jabbed him with his shoulder to knock him out of his trance.

“O-oh ummm-“ Jonghyun suddenly started coughing and joking on his food when he tried talking with his mouth full. Minho embarrassingly patted his back roughly to get him breathe normally again.

“Arrhhh…umm….sorry…ummm…nice meeting you too…” Jonghyun said trying to breathe normally again.

Kibum sat their with a look of disgust and shock.

“You can’t be serious? No way are you this lame.” He said. Jonghyun threw him a hurt and annoyed look while the rest of the table laughed at him. He pouted and crossed his arms.

“And you throw a temper tantrum like a child.” This time Kibum giggled and his smiled behind his hand. Jonghyun could admit it was kinda cute. But he was also still slightly annoyed. He was embarrassing himself in front of Taemin!


The rest of lunch moved on as Minho, Jinki, and Kibum started having a separate conversation and catching up. Kibum purposely choose a topic of conversation that Jonghyun and Taemin knew nothing about so it would force the two to speak.

Jonghyun was shocked how comfortably the three spoke to each other, how long had they been friends? And he had no idea that Kibum existed? He secretly wanted to join their conversation, Kibum was so animated when he spoke.

“So…what do you think about Ms. Park’s class?” Taemin suddenly asked.

Oh . He was trying to start conversation.

“Uhhhh…” Damnit, this was not the time for him to continue to look stupid.

“Who…?” He asked.

“Ms. Park? Our Math teacher…” Taemin asked with a look of confusion on his face.

“OH! Umm yea, yea! Sorry I blanked for a second! Ah she’s uhh, she’s strict. I hate that class actually. I at math haha…” He laughed nervously.

“Same.” Taemin smiled. After that the two fell into an awkward silence.

Why was Jonghyun being such an idiot right now? He was blowing it! He was too nervous!

He wanted to bang his head on the cafeteria table.




“I blew it. He probably thinks I’m weird as hell.” Jonghyun sighed.

He and Kibum met up after school, in fact he was taking his time to rant to him as he offered to walk him home much to Kibum’s amusement.

“Yea, probably.” Kibum said absentmindedly as he picked at his nails.

“What?! You think so?!” Jonghyun whined as he began stomping dramatically.

But Kibum smiled at his childish behavior.

“There’s always tomorrow. And the day after that and the day after that. But just try not to keep screwing up okay? You babble a lot.” He said tauntingly.

“I just get so nervous around him.” He admitted. He started pouting and poked out his bottom lips.

Kibum couldn’t help but to suddenly pinch his cheek. Jonghyun blushed from the sudden action.

“Cheer up, Jonghyun.”

“I’m your Hyung.” He reminded him.

“I know.” He smirked. He pointed to a certain house with his thumb before he spoke again.

“Anyways, thanks for walking me home. Well, I guess you walked me home to vent really…”

“Well at least I know where you stay. I can come to your house and bother you now.” He joked.

Kibum stopped walking for a second to fully look at his older friend.

“…You really want to hang out with me? Like seriously?” He asked.

“I mean, yea.” He said innocently. Why not?

A slow smile spread across Kibum’s face. Accompanied by his dimples.

“Let’s hang out some time next week then…?” Kibum asked.





Jonghyun tapped impatiently on his desk. Loudly. Minho landed his hand on top of his to get him to stop as he gave him an annoyed look.

“Okay class. We will be doing a simple project that requires you to take a survey of your fellow class members and create a pie chart based of the results. I want you to partner up and create the charts on a poster. And I want it to be nice and neat and well presented!” Ms. Park said.



Jonghyun ears perked up. Usually when it came to these things he would always choose Minho, but now was his time to make a move on Taemin!

Once Ms. Park finished explaining the rest of the project she allowed everyone to quickly pick their partners. Without a second thought Jonghyun jumpe

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