After Everything


What happens when the one that got away comes back?

Jonghyun and Kibum were each others first loves, they had been through so much together when life tore them apart. But what happens after years of seperation...they meet again?

After everything that happened can go they go back to how they used to be?




I'm baaaaack.


Hello again shawols and jongkey shippers! If you follow me you know it has been ages since I have been on this site! I am trying to come back and ignit my passion for writing again! 

I have many other fics that I still to need finish but I still need the motivation and push to finish those, I thought writing this short fic would kick me into gear again.

And the best part about this fanfic? It is a sequel to my most popular and favorite story Your Stereotypical Bad Boy. If you have read and are itching to know what happen after Kibum left for college then check out this story. If you have read it I encourage you to read it again as I have recently Revised, Edited, and changed some chapters around so that they story flows better and seems more natural.

If you have not read the original story you can check it out here: Your Stereotypical Bad Boy


I hope I still have some readers left! And to anyone who decides to read this, I hope you enjoy <3 I'm a little nervous I havn't written in years. I hope I can still do it!

I think I have beaten my writers block …stay tuned
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