A Little Lower Than The Angels

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Irene always thought that the devil was a hideous man with pointed horns. She never expected the devil to be a beautiful woman with blood-red hair named Seulgi. Cunning and flirtatious, Seulgi shows Irene the depraved yet delicious world beyond heaven.


In which Irene is a devout angel, and Seulgi is the devil who tempts her to commit sins.


CHARACTERS: Seulgi, Irene, Red Velvet, Aespa, Winter, Karina, and more girl groups and idols to be revealed!

AUs: angel!au, demon!au, devil!au

GENRES: angst, dark romance, drama, fantasy, thriller,

WARNINGS: cursing, depictions of blood and violence, religious concepts in varying interpretations, in later chapters

INSPIRATIONS: “Take Me to Church” by Hozier; “No Church in the Wild” by Jay-Z, Kanye West, ft. Frank Ocean; “Heaven’s on Fire” by KISS; John Milton, Paradise Lost



“The devil takes the form of a woman
whose body you couldn’t refuse.”

―Isabela Banzon, “Done,” Lola Coqueta


“My desire, my refuge, my catastrophe.”

—Violette Leduc, La Bâtarde




Yet another Hot & Problematic story by yours truly. This is for Crystal!

Some notes before we start:

  • Featuring a forbidden, almost enemies-to-lovers relationship
  • Irene as a demon-slaying angel + Seulgi as the witty devil
  • Based on some of my experiences with the Catholic Church and religion
  • Some exploration on the human psyche but nothing too detailed
  • Sin and filth in later chapters ( and sacrilege xoxo)



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